Island Time
Choreographed by Diane Jackson – Arjjaze Country Western Dancers, 023 9250 4936   – 
Description  64 Count Partner Dance
Starting in Right dancing skaters. Man’s right hand on Lady’s right hip
Music  Island Time – Larry Joe Taylor

Rumba Box Steps Moving Forward
1-4 Step left to left, slide right next to left, step left forward, HOLD
5-8 Step right to right, slide left next to right, step right forward, HOLD
Step Lock Step, Brush x 2
9-12 Step forward on left, Lock right up behind left, step forward on left, Brush right
13-16 Step forward on right, lock left up behind right, step forward on right, Brush left
Mambo x 2, Hold
17-20 Rock forward on left, rock back onto right, step together with left, HOLD
21-24  Rock back on right, rock forward onto left, step together with right, HOLD
Step pivot 1/2 turn. 1/2 turn HOLD Rock step, step forward, HOLD
Release Left hands gent turns under his right arm ending in side by side [sweetheart]
25-28 Step forward on left, pivot 1/2 turn right, pivot another 1/2 turn right, on right, step back on left, HOLD
29-32  Rock back on right, recover onto left, step forward onto right. HOLD
Side together side, Touch. Side together 1/4 turn Touch
33-36 Step left to left side, slide right next to left, step left to left side, Touch right next to left
37-40  Step right to right side, slide left next to right, step right to right side turning 1/4 turn right Touch left next to right Man will end behind Lady, both facing OLOD. Indian position.
[Lady’s option, Three step turn right, under gents right arm RLR 1/4 turn right Touch left]
41-44 Side together 1/4 turn RLOD Hold, Back lock back, Hold
Step left to left side, slide right next to left, step left to left turning 1/4 turn right to face RLOD HOLD
[Lady now on man’s left in side by side]
45-48 Step back on right, slide left back across right, step back on right, HOLD
Coaster step HOLD Step pivot 1/2 turn, step HOLD
49-52 Step back on left, step right next to left step forward on left HOLD
53-56 Step forward on right, pivot 1/2 turn left, step forward on right, HOLD [Back into skaters position]
Hip bumps HOLD x 2
57-60 Step slightly forward on left at same time bump hips LRL HOLD
61-64 Step slightly forward on right at same time bump hips RLR HOLD
Start Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2001