Is That All You Got - Partner Dance

Choreographed By 	Heather & Fred Staddon 01603749058
Description 	32 count partner dance same foot work
		Start in sweetheart position facing LOL
Music 		Is That All You Got - Toby Keith CD: Bullets in the Gun
1-2 	Rock back on Right Recover on Left
3&4 	1/2 Turn Left On Right Shuffle RLOD
1-2 	Step back on left right make 1/2 turn right
3&4 	Make 1/4 turn right and left side shuffle face OLOD
1-2 	Rock back on right recover on left
3&4 	Rock to right side recover left and right cross over left
1-2 	Step left to side slide right up and step on right
3&4 	Step left behind right step right step left make 1/4 turn left L.O.D
1-2 	Step forward right left
3&4 	Right shuffle forward
1-2 	Step forward left right
3&4 	Left shuffle forward
1-2 	Step forward right pivot 1/2 turn
3&4 	Left shuffle 1/2 turn left
1-2 	Rock back on left recover on right
3&4 	Step forward left step right next to left step back on left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert January 2011