In Your Dreams
Choreographed by Karen and Mark Bleuer
Description 32 Count Beginner/Intermediate Circle Dance, Partners will begin
in ballroom, cowboy hold (closed position) or they may be in open
position with lady facing LOD
Music Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed - Glenn Frye
Bury The Shovel - Clay Walker
Drive Me Home - Travis Tritt;
any swing, cha-cha, stroll, or funky tune you want to try ! 

1-4	LADY: Step left back on a 45 degree angle left, slide right beside left & touch, 
	         step right forward on a 45 degree angle right slide left beside right & touch
	MAN: Mirror lady
Drop hands before the turns, facing each other right side to right side after turn.
Pick up hands as in open position or hands on the waist or right palm to right palm
5-6-7&8	LADY: Full rolling turn moving left (stepping left, right, triple left, right, left)
	Easy option: step left to left, right behind left, triple left, right, left
	MAN: Full rolling turn stepping right, left, right, left
	Easy option: straight right vine right, left, right, left
Partner's are now right side to right side, lady will face LOD, 
partners are now on the same foot work
9-11&12-15&16	Looking at partner, 
	move in a 3/4 circle to the right walking right, left, shuffle right, left, right, 
	walk left, right, shuffle left, right, left completing a 3/4 circle to the right.
	Lady is now almost facing LOD (partners will naturally be on a slight angle)
	Lady may take a prep step on 16, slightly left preparing for next turn
Move into a cape or right side by side position moving toward LOD after lady turns.
Hands may move above lady's head together allowing her to turn. 
Or drop left hands allowing lady to move under right hands
17-20	LADY: Turn 1 1/4 left moving LOD stepping right, left, right, left 
	(if you haven't taken a prep step on 16 you will step right in front of left)
	Easy option: turn 1/4 right walking forward right, left, right, left
	MAN: Turn 1/4 left walking forward right, left, right, left moving into cape or right side by side position 
Now in cape or right side by side position facing LOD. 
Both may place right hands on lady's waist
21-24	On a 45 degree angle right, step right forward, step left beside right, 
	step right forward, hold for one count or touch left beside right 
Partner's will raise hands together over ladies head as she completes her turn facing OLOD
25-28	LADY: 1 1/2 Walking turn left stepping left, right, left, right
	MAN: Follow the lady 1/2 turn left stepping left, right. Walk forward left, right       
Now in cape or right side by side position facing OLOD. 
Drop left hands as lady turns to LOD moving into ballroom or cowboy hold
29-32	LADY: Step left forward. Pivot 1/2 turn right stepping weight right. 
	          Walk forward (into man's arms) stepping left, right
	MAN: Rock left forward. Recover weight right. Walk back left, right. 
	         Return weight to left and hold for one count as lady returns to your arms in ballroom or 
	         cowboy hold (closed position) Partners are now on opposite footwork
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Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert September 2001