In Jamaica
Choreographed By  Robert & Kathryn Hocking (07887945847)
Description  32 Count Partner Circle Dance, Sweetheart Position.Gents Steps Ladies
Opposite Feet Same Footwork Throughout, Except Where Stated.
Music  How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica - Tracy Byrd

	Step Lock Shuffle, Rock, Chassť 1/4 Turn
1-4 	Step Left Fwd, Lock Right Behind Left. Left Shuffle Fwd
5-6 	Rock Fwd On Right, Back Onto Left,
 	(Raising Right Hand, And Taking It Over Ladies Head)
7&8	1/4 Turn Chassis To Right (Facing Each Other)

	Rock & Rock & Hitch 1/4 Turn, Walk, Walk Shuffle
9&10& 	Rock Left Over Right, Rock Back Onto Right, Rock Left To Left, Rock Back Onto Right.
11-12 	Cross Left Over Right, Hitch 1/4 Turn To Left (LOD)
	(Hands Into Vw Position)
13-14 	Walk Fwd Right, Left.
15&16 	Right Lock Shuffle Fwd
	1/4 Behind 1/4 Shuffle, 1/2 Turn Shuffle
17-18 	Step Left 1/4 Turn To Right, Step Left Behind Right
19&20 	Left 1/4 Shuffle To Left (LOD)
	(Release Hands)
21-22 	Step Right Fwd, Pivot 1/2 Turn To Left (Ladies Pivot To Right)
	(Rejoin Hands Back In Vw Position)
23&24 	Right Shuffle Fwd.
	Rock Fwd, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Walk (Lady Full Turn) Shuffle
25-26 	Rock Fwd On Left, Back Onto Right,
27&28 	1/2 Turn Shuffle To Left, (Hands Back Into Sweetheart)
 	(Release Left Hand, Raise Right), 
29-30	Gent 	Walk Fwd, Right , Left 		Lady 	Full Turn To Right On Left Right.
31&32 	Right Shuffle Fwd.
	Start Again And Enjoy.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert September 2003