If You Were A Whiskey, Girl for 2

Choreographed by	Linda Byrum and Paul Brown - 765-744-8695 (9/8/2016) - pebrown50@hotmail.com
Description	 64 Count intermediate Partner Dance
		Sweetheart position: Footwork the same, except as noted
Music: 		Damn Drunk - Ronnie Dunn
Video		https://youtu.be/snGVSrD6q6o 
1,2 	Rock left forward, recover on right
3&4 	Chasse left-right-left slightly backwards
5,6, 	Rock back on right recover on left
7&8 	Chasse right-left-right slightly forward
9,10 	Step forward on left, pivot 1/2 turn to right ( raise left
	hands over lady's head to skater's position) shift weight to right
11&12 	Chasse forward left -right-left
13,14 	Step forward on right, pivot 1/2 turn to the left ( raise left hand over lady's head)
	back to sweetheart position, shift weight to left
15&16 	Chasse forward , right left-right
17,18 	Step forward with left, step forward with right (raise right hand over
l	ady's head). Lady turns full turn to her right on 17,18.
19&20 	Chasse forward left-right-left
21, 22 	Rock forward on right foot, recover on left (prep for tandem turn to right)
23&24 	Chasse right, left right 1/2 turn to right, release left hands
25,26 	Step forward on left, pivot 1/2 turn to right, raising right hand over man's head
27&2 	Chasse forward left, right ,left
29,30 	Rock forward on right, recover on left
31&32 	Chasse lock step to rear right, left, right
33,34 	Walk backwards left, right
35&36 	Chasse lock step to the rear left, right, left
37,38 	Rock back on right, recover on left
39&40 	Chasse forward right, left, right
41,42 	Skater's sliding step left, right, angled forward to left
43&44 	Chasse forward left, right, left, at angle to left
45,46 	Skater's sliding step right, left, angled forward to right
47&48 	Chasse forward right, left, right, at angle to right
49-52 	Vine left; step left, step right behind, step left to side, touch right beside left
53-56 	Man: Step right to right side, step left behind, step right to right side turning 1/4
	turn to right, touch left toe ( man behind lady in Indian position)
	Lady: Rolling vine to right with 1 1/4 turn to right, touch left foot beside right
57-60 	Step left to left side, touch right, step right to right side, touch left
61-64 	Man: step left to left side, ( raising right hand over lady's head for lady's rolling
	vine turn) step right behind, step left to left side with 1/4 turn to
	left, step right beside left.
	Lady: rolling vine turn to left, turning 1 1/4 turn to left, facing LOD with weight on right
	Start Over 					August 2016