If You Want My Love For 2

Choreographed by 	Chris & Trev – Lonestar WPDC – Dec 2011 - chris.trev@talktalk.net
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance, Same Footwork Throughout
		Start Facing LOD in Sweetheart
Music 		If You Want My Love – Laura Bell Bundy – CD Achin’ and Shakin’ 32 count Intro

1-8 	Rock Recover, Shuffle, Rock Recover, ¼ Turn, Shuffle
1-4 	Rock FWD on RT, Recover on LT, Shuffle to RLOD on R-L-R
5-8 	Rock Back on LT, Recover on RT, Make ¼ Turn LT, Cross Shuffle L-R-L
(On counts 7-8 Release LT hand bring RT over Ladies head, Join in Indian position facing ILOD)
9-16 	Side Behind Shuffle ¼ Turn, Step Pivot Shuffle
9-12 	Step Side with RT, Cross LT behind RT, Shuffle R-L-R making ¼ Turn RT to LOD
13-16 	Step FWD LT, Pivot ½ Turn RT, Shuffle FWD L-R-L to RLOD
(On count 12 come back into Sweetheart)
17-24 	Step Pivot, Shuffle, Man walk walk Shuffle, Lady ½ Turn, Shuffle
17-20 	Step FWD RT Pivot ½ Turn LT, Shuffle R-L-R to LOD
21-24 	Man: Walk LT RT, Shuffle fwd L-R-L
	Lady ½ Turn RT on LT, RT Shuffle Backwards on L-R-L
(On count 21-22 Bring LT hand over Ladies head. On count 24 keep RT shoulder to RT shoulder)
25-32 	¼ Pinwheel Turn, Shuffle, Side Behind Side Hitch
25-28 	¼ Pinwheel Turn RT on RT, LT, Shuffle R-L-R
	(Man now facing OLOD, Lady facing ILOD)
29-32 	Step Side with LT, Cross RT behind LT, Step Side with LT, Hitch RT (Slap hands with person to LT)
(On count 29 release LT hands)
33-40 	Step Hitch, Step Hitch, ¼ Turn Shuffle
33-36 	Step RT, Hitch LT (Slap hands with partner) Step LT, Hitch RT (Slap hands with person to LT)
37-40 	¼ Turn RT, on RT, LT Shuffle R-L-R
41-48 	Man ½ Turn walk walk shuffle, Lady walk walk shuffle, Step Hitch, Step Hitch
41-44 	Man: ½ Turn RT, Walking behind Lady on LT, RT, Shuffle FWD L-R-L
	Lady: Walk LT, RT, Shuffle FWD L-R-L
45-48 	Step FWD RT, Hitch LT, Step FWD LT, Hitch RT
(On count 43-44 come back into sweetheart)
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
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