I Love You

Choreographed: 	Jane Hendrikse / Born Country Niveau: Beginner / intermediate
Description 		Partner dance , Sweatheart Position (Steps Man & Lady are the same,
		only steps 33 to 40 different for the Lady)
Music: 		Have I told you lately that I love you / Your Cheatin’Heart /
		CD: The Elvis Presley Collection
		Moody Blue Elvis Presley Title:(een Tag na de 2e keer)
	Walk fwd, Shuffle Fwd (2X)
1-2 	step forward, R-L
3&4 	R step forward, L close by heel R, R step forward
5-6 	Step forward L-R step forward
7&8 	L step forward, R close by heel R, L step forward
	Pivot Turn, Shuffle Fwd (2X)
	(release Left Hand, Raise Right Hand, Lady under raised arms )
9-10 	Step forward R, Pivot 1/2 turn left
11&12 	R step forward, & L close by heel R, R step Forward
	(Release Right Hand, Raise Left Hand, Man under Raised arms)
13-14 	Step forward L, Pivot 1/2 turn Right
15&16	 step forward L, R close by heel L, Step Fwd L
	Military Turn Left, Travelling Cross, Turning Side Rock, Shuffle Fwd
	(Release Left Hand, Right Hand over had Lady, Lady Stand Behind Man.
	Reverse Indian Position)
17-18	 Step forward R, Turn 1/4 Left
19&20	 step R across L, small step left, Step R across L
21-22 	step L to left side, Rock back onto R turning 1/4 Right
23&24	 Step forward L, R close by L heel, Step forward on L
	(sweatheart position)
	Step fwd, Toe Touch, Step Bwd, Heel Touch (2X) (Curtie)
25-26 	Step Forward R, Touch L toe back
27-28 	Step Back on L, touch R heel forward
29-30 	Step forward R, Touch L toe back
31-32 	Step back on L, touch R heel fwd
	*Man: 4 Shuffle fwd Lady: Shuffle fwd, 2X turning shuffle, Shuffle fwd
33&34 	step fwd R, close L by R heel, step forward R
	(Release Left hand, raise right hand)
35&36	 L Shuffle turning 1/4 turn R
37&38 	R Shufflw turning 1/4 turn R(hands hold)
39&40	 L Shuffle fwd
	Turning Vine Right, Side Rock, Travelling Cross,
41-42 	step R to right, L step behind R
43-44 	step R forward with ¼ turn right, L scuff next to R
	(Man behind Lady in Indian Position)
45-46 	Rock L to left side, Recover on R
47&48 	step L across in front of R, R small step to the right, step L across in front of R
	¼ Turning Side Rock, Shuffle fwd, Jazz Box with Touch
49-50 	Step R to right side, Recover on L with 1/4 turn L
	(Sweatheart Position)
51&52	 Step forward R, L close by heel R, step forward R
53-54 	step L across R, step back on R
55-56 	step L to the left side, touch R next to L
	Diag. Right step fwd, Slide, Right Shuffle fwd,
	Diag. Left step fwd, Slide, Left Shuffle fwd.
57-58 	step R diag right, drag L up to R
59&60 	step forward R, close L by R heel, step fwd R
61-62 	step L diag. Left, drag R up to L
63&64 	step L forward, close R by L heel, step fwd L
	Start again en enjoy
NOTE: 	When you dance to Moody Blue you have a Tag after the 2e time
	Electric rocks:
1-2 	R step and rock Forward, Weight back on L
3-4	 R step and rock backwards, Weight back on L

	Look for the video on: http://minoes.multiply.com/video/item/13  		July 2012