I Just Wanna Be

Choreographed by 	Ian and Fiona Smith ~ 01934 823080 ~ fiona143s@sky.com
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance Start FLOD inside hands held
		Opposite footwork throughout Mans Steps Shown
Music 		Cup o tea - Don Williams
		Write this down - George Strait
1-8 	 Touch,  Touch, Side Shuffle Rock Back Recover
1-4 	 Turn Left on Left, Touch Right beside Left,  turn Right on Right touch Left
5-8 	Left side shuffle on LRL, Rock back on Right Recover onto Left
	( On count 5 pick up into double hand hold Man facing OLOD Lady ILOD )
	( On count 8 left shoulder to left )
9-16 	Step Kick Forward, Step Back Touch, Side Shuffle Rock Back Recover
9-12 	Step Forward on Right, Kick Left Forward, Step Back on Left Touch Right
13-16 	Right side shuffle on RLR Rock back on Left recover on Right.
	( On count 16 Right Shoulder to Right, Drop Gents R Ladies L Hands )
17-24 	Walk Walk  Shuffle, Diagonal Walk Walk Shuffle Forwards
17-20 	Walk Forward Left Right (Under raised hands ) Shuffle  turn Left Shuffle into LOD
21-24 	Walk Diagonally Forward to Left on RL forward Shuffle on RLR
	(Counts 17-18 Lady walks behind man on RL  Right shuffle )
	( Count 19 swap hands as Lady walks across in front of man)
25-32 	 Left,  Left  Left Shuffle, Rock Recover  Left Shuffle
25-28 	 turn Left on Left,  Turn Left on R  turn Left on Left Shuffle
29-32 	Right Rock Forward Recover onto Left  turn Right on Right Shuffle RLR
	( Coumt 25 drop hands, Lady turns  R,  R,  R shuffle)
	( Count 29 pick up inside hands and drop on count 30, Lady turns L on shuffle)
33-40 	 Turn Right Shuffle Rock Back Recover Shuffle Forward 1/4 Right Touch
	 Turn Right on Left Shuffle LRL Rock Back on Right Recover onto Left
	Right Shuffle Forwards on RLR  Turn Right on Left, Touch Right beside Left
	( On count 34 Pick up inside hands, on Count 40 pick up Double Hand Hold )
41-48 	 Shuffle,  Turn Touch,  Shuffle Walk Walk
41-44 	 turn Right Shuffle on RLR,  turn Right on Left, Touch Right beside Left
45-48 	 Turn Right Shuffle on RLR Walk forwards on Left Right
	( Counts 41 & 42  turn into RLOD, 43 & 44  turn ILOD 43 drop hands
	( Count 45 &46  into LOD, pick up inside hands )
	Start Again.				May 2015