I Don't Mind.

Choreographed by 	Jon S and Sylvia, March 2009 ~ 07989149233
Description: 	48 count Partner dance Side by side (Sweetheart), both begin on left foot
Music 		We're Both To Blame - Lee Greenwood & Tanya Tucker CD: Country Duets - A Perfect 10
		What You Don't Know - Jon Randall CD What You Don't Know (something different) - Get CD Here
		Angel of No Mercy - Colin Raye - CD: Extremes
	Walk, walk, side, together, forward x 2.
1-2 	Walk left, right
3&4 	Left to left side, close right to left, step forward left.
5-6 	Walk right, left,
7&8 	Right to right side, close left to right, step forward right
	Walk, walk, turn, coaster step.
9-10 	Walk left, right,
11&12 	Turning 1/4 right step left to left side, close right to left, step forward left.
13-14 	Man: Rock forward on right; recover onto to left
	Lady: Step forward right, pivot 1/2 turn left,
15&16 	Man: Right back, left to place, right forward.
	Lady:Right back, left to place, right forward
	Hand movement for 13&14. Man lifts right arm for lady to turn under. On the triple step,
	release hands and rejoin in open hold. Finish face to face, left hands joined to right.

	Man- Step Fwd, 1/2 turn, triple step 1/2 turn. Lady - Rock, recover, triple step.
17-18 	Man: Step forward left, pivot 1/2 turn to right
	Lady: Rock back onto left, recover weight onto right
19&20 	Man: triple step, LRL, turning 1/2 turn to face lady
	Lady: triple step, LRL, in place
	Hand movements for 17&18. Man releases his right from lady's left and turns
	under his left arm, rejoin man's right to lady's left in open hold on triple step.
	Rock, recover; pinwheel turn.
21-22 	Rock apart onto right, recover weight onto left
23&24 	Shuffle, RLR, rotating 1/4 turn right.
25-26 	Continue to rotate right stepping left, right
27&28 	Shuffle, LRL, Man facing LOD, lady facing RLOD.
	Rock, recover; triple step (lady, rock, recover, triple step 1/2 turn.
29-30	Man: Rock forward on right; recover onto left
	Lady: Rock back on right, recover onto left
31&32 	Man: Triple step, RLR, slightly back.
	Lady: Triple step forwards, RLR, making 1/2 turn left moving towards RLOD into side by side position.
	Hand movements for 29 - 32. On rock forward, man releases hands, picks up lady's
	right in his right and leads lady into her left turn and picks up her left with his on the
	triple step. Both are now facing LOD in sweetheart position
	Rock, recover; shuffle forward.
33-34 	Rock back on left, recover onto right
35&36 	Shuffle forward LRL.
	Step Lock, step lock step.
37-38 	Step forward right, lock left behind right
39&40 	Step forward on right, lock left behind right, step forward right.
	Step forward, pivot turn, triple step, rock, recover, shuffle forward
41-42 	Step forward left, pivot 1/2 turn right
43&44 	Triple step, LRL, 1/2 turn to face LOD.
45-46 	Rock back onto right, recover onto left,
47&48 	Shuffle forward, RLR.
	Repeat and enjoy.
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