I Don’t Know What She Said
( No Habla Español)
Choreographed by Bruce & Mary Milner "County Line" Country Western Dance Club
Jacksonville, IL., USA b.milner54@yahoo.com  (217)673-6271
Description  60 Count Flow Style/Progressive Cha Dance starting in 
Right Side-by Side Position (skaters) with hands in front, 
right over left, facing forward LOD.
I Don’t Know What She Said - Blaine Larson
Manchmal In Der Nacht by Ireen Sheer or Beyond Love - Southern Pacific

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Man: Lady:
Walk, Walk Shuffle  Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1-2  Step Forward R-L  Step Forward L-R
3&4  Shuffle R-L-R down LOD  Shuffle L-R-L down LOD
Vine Right, Shuffle  Rolling Vine Shuffle
5 Step left Behind right  Step Right over Left turning ¼ turn left
6 Step right to Right Side  Step Back left Turning ½ turn left
7&8  Shuffle in place L-R-L  Shuffle R-L-R turning ¼ turn left
(Maintain cross hand hold)  (Maintain cross hand hold)
Step, Turn, Shuffle  Step, Turn, Shuffle
9  Step right Turning ¼ turn left  Step Back left Turning ¼ turn left
(Raise right hand and start over lady’s head as you begin the turn. Release left hands.)
10 Step left in Place  Step Forward right Turning ¼ turn left
11&12 Shuffle R-L-R in Place  Shuffle L-R-L Turning ¼ turn left
(Switch hands to open hand hold, man facing inside circle and lady facing outside circle.)
Rock, Recover, Cross & Cross  Shuffle Rock, Recover, Cross & Cross Shuffle
13 Rock left to Left Side (RLOD) Rock right to Right Side (RLOD)
14 Recover to right (FLOD)  Recover to left (FLOD)
15&16 Shuffle left Over right L-R-L, down LOD  Shuffle right Over left R-L-R, down LOD
6 Count Weave down LOD, Shuffle  6 Count Weave down LOD, Shuffle
17-18  Step right To Right Step left Behind Right Step left To Left Step right Behind Left
19-20 Step right To Right, Step left Over Right  Step left To Left, Step right Over Left
21-22 Step right To Right, Step left Behind Right  Step left To Left, Step right Behind Left
23&24 Shuffle R-L-R, Turning ¼ right  Shuffle L-R-L, Turning ¼ left
(Release lead hands, maintain inside hand hold.)
Rock, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn  Rock, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn
25-26 Rock left Forward, Recover Back on right
(flare inside hands forward) 
Rock right Forward, Recover Back on left
(flare inside hands forward)
(Pick up other hand to maintain inside hand hold on the shuffle)
27&28 Shuffle L-R-L, Turning ½ Left.  Shuffle R-L-R, Turning ½ Right.
Step, Turn ½, Shuffle Turn ¼  Step, Turn ½, Shuffle Turn ¼
29 Step right Forward, down RLOD  Step left Forward, down RLOD
30 Releasing hands, Pivot ½ Turn Left.  Releasing hands Pivot ½ Turn Right.
31&32  Shuffle R-L-R, Turning ¼ Left. 
(Facing partner, regain open hand hold.)
Shuffle L-R-L, Turning ¼ Right.
Rock, Recover, Shuffle/Wrap the Lady  Rock, Recover, Shuffle to a Wrap
33-34 Rock Back on left (OLOD) Recover Fwd on Rt  Rock Back on right (ILOD) Recover Fwd on Lt
35&36 Shuffle L-R-L, Turning ¼ Turn Right. 
over the lady’s head, now facing LOD) 
(Move across behind the lady, 
raise L hand and wrap
Shuffle R-L-R, Turning ¼ Turn Left.
wrap over your head, now facing LOD)
(Move across in front of the man, raise R hand







Rock, Recover, Shuffle, Shuffle




Rock, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn, Shuffle ½ Turn

37-38 Rock Back on right. Recover Forward on left  Rock Back on left, Recover Forward on right
39&40  Shuffle R-L-R, Forward (down LOD) 
(raise left hand as lady begins ½ turn shuffle) 
Shuffle L-R-L, Turning ½ turn Right (down LOD)
(raise right hand as you begin ½ turn shuffle)
41&42 Shuffle L-R-L, Forward (down LOD) 
(Pick up right hand with right hand on second shuffle, 
do not join left hands)
Shuffle R-L-R, Turning ½ turn Right (down LOD)
(release left hand and pick up right hands on the
second shuffle, do not join left hands)
(side-by-side facing LOD)  (side-by-side facing LOD)
Rock, Recover, Shuffle  Step, Pivot ½, Shuffle ½ Turn
43-44  Rock Forward right ,Recover Back on left  Step Forward left, Pivot ½ Turn right
45&46 Shuffle R-L-R,  Back Shuffle L-R-L, Back, Turning ½ turn right
(rejoin left hands in front, cross hand, right over left)
Rock, Recover, Shuffle  Rock, Recover, Shuffle
47-48  Rock Back on left Recover, Forward on right  Rock Back on right Recove,r Forward on left
49&50  Shuffle L-R-L, down LOD  Shuffle R-L-R, down LOD
Step, Lock Step, Step, Lock Step, Shuffle  Step, Lock Step, Step, Lock Step, Shuffle
51-52 Step right Forward, Slide left up Behind right  Step left Forward, Slide right up Behind left
53-54 Repeat steps 51-52  Repeat steps 51-52
55&56  Shuffle R-L-R Forward  Shuffle L-R-L Forward
Rock, Recover, Coaster Step  Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
57-58 Rock Forward left, Recover Back on right  Rock Forward right, Recover Back on left
59&60 Step L Back, Step R Beside L, Step Fwd L 
(Coaster step)
Step R Back, Step L Beside R, Step R
Fwd (Coaster step)
Start Over



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