Choreographed by Max Perry & Kathy Sharpe
Description Couples Mixer Circle formation Couples start in side by side position facing LOD
Music Little Jalapeno by Scooter Lee,
Volcano by Jimmy Buffet,
Day Off by Ronnie McDowell - Dance begins on vocals!

  GENTS (lead) LADIES (follow)
1&2,3&4 Shuffle stomp L, shuffle stomp R Shuffle stomp R shuffle stomp L
NOTE: These are shuffle steps traveling forward with a stomp on the third step of each shuffle
5&6 Rock L side,step R in place,together Rock R side,step L in place,together
7&8 Rock R foot side,step L in placc,together Rock L foot side,step R in place,together
NOTE: Couple is rocking in opposition.."tell me have you seen him"...on first side rock release R Hands & look at partner, on second side rock, release L hands and look at partner, then assume side by side position
1&2,3&4 REPEAT COUNTS 1&2.3&4 (above) REPEAT COUNTS 1&2,3&4 (above)
5 - 6 Stomp L, R (in place) Stomp R. L (in place)
7,&,8,& Hip bumps L, R, L, R Hip bumps R, L, R, L
1,2,3,4 Hip bumps L, R. L, R Curving walk R. L, R, L around gent's left side to complete 3/4 turn L
NOTE: Gent drops L hand, leading lady, under his R arm to end up in "L" position. Ladies facing out of circle, gents facing LOD. (Right hand hold to nght hand hold)
5,6,7,8 Hip bumps L, R, L, R Hitch R, touch R together, hitch R, step R side turning 1/4 turn L
NOTE: As lady steps side, R hand goes to waist and couple assumes shadow position. Gent takes L hand
1,2,3,4 Hip bumps L.. R, L, R Hip bumps L. R, L, R
5,6,7,8 Hip bumps L, R, L, R Curving walk L, R, L around to outside circle facing against LOD (clock-wise), stamp R
NOTE: Gent releases L hand, escorts lady to his R side (gent still facing LOD), right hand to right hand hold
1&2,3&4 Shuffle stomp L,shuffle stomp R Shuffle stomp R shuffle stomp L
**NOTE: Couples drop hands lady moving against LOD, gent moving LOD to next partner**
5&6,7&8 Shuflle stomp L, shuffle stomp R (in place) Shuflle stomp R, shuffle stomp L turning 1/4 turn L during each set of shuffle stomps to end up in original starting position
NOTE: Gent takes R hand of new partner and leads her into side by side position (inside tum), right to right hand hold, left to left hand hold
  Repeat Entire Sequence!  
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June 2000

  Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors, Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert