Hoosier Buddy
Choreographer  Sonny Klemm - linson5678@aol.com 
Description  Partner, 40 count, side by side Same footwork
Music  Who’s Your Daddy - Toby Keith

	Walk, Walk, Triple, Rock Step, Coaster
1-2 	Walk forward Left, Right.
3&4 	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.
5-6 	Rock forward on Right, recover Left.
7&8 	Step back on Right, together on Left, forward on Right
	Lady Cross Over, Shuffle,
9-10 	Man-Step Left, Right (in place).
	Lady-Full turn to Left stepping Left, Right.
	(ending on inside line of dance with Right hand on top of Left).
11&12 	Shuffle in place Left, Right, Left.
	Cross Rock, Triple
13-14 	Cross Right over left, recover back on Left.
15&16 	Shuffle in place Right, Left, Right.
	Man’s Step ½ turn Right, Triple
17-18 	Man- Step forward on Left (dropping left hand), ½ turn Right.
	(pick up left hand under right)
	Lady-Step back slightly to left on Left, step to the right on Right (behind man), end Up facing each other.
19&20 	Shuffle Left, Right, Left.
	Man’s Step ½ Turn, Triple
21-22 	Man-Step forward on Right bring right hand over lady), pivot ½ turn Left
	(back to side by side).
	Lady-Step slightly to right on Right, step forward on Left.
23&24 	Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right.
	Lady’s Turn, Triple
25-26 	Man-Step in place Left, Right (raise right hand, drop left)
	Lady-Step forward on Left starting ½ turn left, step on right completing ½ turn left.
27&28 	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.
	Lady’s ½ Turn, Triple
29-30 	Man-Walk forward Right, Left (raise lady’s right hand)
	Lady-Start 1 ½ turn to right in two steps Right, Left.
31&32 	Shuffle Right, Left, Right.
	Left Forward Shuffle, Right Forward Shuffle
33&34 	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.
35&36 	Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right.
	Rock Forward, Rock Back
37-38 	Rock forward on Left, recover on Right.
39-40 	Rock back on Left, recover forward on Right.
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