Choreographed by 	Jean Welser  January 2019
Description 	32 Count, Linedance
Music 		Down To The Honkytonk - Jake Owen
		16 count intro;

1&2,3&4 		Right triple (shuffle) R,L,R; scuff left and triple L,R,L
5&6&7&8 		"Push vine"  step right pushing left foot to left side and repeat three more times
		(like a paddle turn but to the side)

1-4 		Four step  turn to right, starting with right foot - r,l,r,l (now facing 6:00 wall)
5-8 		Four skates  two forward, right, left; two backward right, left, clapping between steps

1&2&3&4& 	Syncopated vine to right  right, left, right, hitch left foot, making  turn right
		(now facing 9:00 wall); then vine to left  left, right, left, hitch right foot
5&6&7&8 		Step right and bring left heel behind right knee and slap heel; step left and bring
		right heel behind left knee and slap; do step lock step forward (right forward, left lock behind
		right, scoot right forward)

1-4 		First three steps of strutting jazz box starting left over right (L,R,L),
		then start second jazz box right over left
5,6,7&8 		Finish jazz box left to side, right to right side, close left,
		and swivel heels to right and back (&8).		January 2019