Homesick for 2

Choreographed by 	Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton – October 2018
Description 	32 count Partner Dance Two hand hold, Men facing FLOD,
		Ladies facing RLOD, Opposite footwork, Men’s footwork noted
Music: 		Homesick - Kane Brown

1-8 	Step R, together, Shuffle R, Step L, together, Shuffle Left
1-2 	(At a slight angle R), Step fwd R, Step left next R
3&4 	Shuffle Right (R-L-R)
5-6 	(At a slight angle L) Step fwd L, Step right next to L
7&8 	Shuffle Left (L-R-L)
9-16 	¼ turn left facing ILOD, Step R, Together, shuffle R, ½ turn Right facing OLOD
	Step Left, together, shuffle L
1-2 	Turn ¼ Left facing ILOD, Step side R, step left next to R
	Lady: Turn ¼ Left, facing OLOD, Step back on L, step R next to L
Hands:	Release hands as you turn; pick up lady’s R with your R on count 1
3&4 	Shuffle side Right (R-L-R)
	Lady: Shuffle Back Left (L-R-L)
5-6 	Turn ½ Right facing OLOD, Step side L, step right next to left
	Lady: Turn ½ Right facing ILOD, Step back R, step Left next to right
Hands: 	Release hands as you turn; pick up lady’s left with your left
7&8 	Shuffle Side Left (L-R-L)
	Lady: Shuffle side right (R-L-R)

**Option**. On counts 5-6, 7&8, Ladies: Turn ¼ Right (Facing Partner) Swivel Hips
While giving a ‘Come Hither’ gesture with your right index finger!

17-24 	Rock, Recover, Shuffle back Right (R-L-R), Sway L, Sway R, Side shuffle (L-R-L)
1-2 	Rock fwd Right, Recover Left
	Lady: Rocks back on Left, Recover on Right
Hands: 	Release hands as you start your rock step
3&4 	Shuffle back Right (R-L-R)
	Lady: Shuffle fwd Left (L-R-L)
Hands: 	Pick up both hands on count 3
5-6 	Sway side Left, Sway side Right
7&8 	Side shuffle Left (L-R-L)

25-32 	Step R to R, Touch L next to R, Rock back on L, Rec R, Walk L,
	Walk R, Shuffle Left (L-R-L)
1-2 	Step Right to right, Touch L next to Right
	Lady: Step Left to Left Side, Touch Right next to Left
3-4 	Rock back on Left, Recover Right
	Lady: Rock fwd Right, Recover Left
5-6 	Walk fwd Left, Walk fwd Right
	Lady: Full Right Turn back, stepping back ½ turn Right, ½ turn stepping Left
Hands: 	Drop men’s right and lady’s left hands, men’s left hand goes over
	lady’s Head as she turns.
7&8 	Shuffle fwd Left (L-R-L)
	Lady: Shuffle back Right (R-L-R)
Hands: 	Rejoin hands back into a 2 hand hold			January 2019