Hoedown Mixer
Choreographed By Susan Brooks - [email] (219) 586-2464 or (219) 586-3090
This Dance is not Gender sensitive.  You can start the Dance with Men or Women on the
inside of the Circle, or out, or Mixed.
The Dance will move you one person to your Right
at each
repetition.  Begin Dance in a Double Circle facing each other.

1-4 Step forward R, Scuff L fwd, Step fwd L, Clap hands with person across from you while Kicking R fwd.
5-8 Step back R, Tap L toe back while Bowing to person across from you, Step forward L, Kick R
Clapping hands with person across from you.
9-12 Step back R,L,R, Stomp L.
13-16 Step forward R, Pivot 1/4 to Left, Step forward R, Pivot to Left.
17-20 Cross/Step R over L, Step back L Turning 1/4 to Left, Step R to side, Step L next to R
(You are now
facing your Partner, & wt is on Left).
21&22 Shuffle forward R,L,R (Grasping Partner's R hand  & Crossing on the Left).
23&24 Shuffle slightly to your Right (for proper alignment) L,R,L (letting go of Partner's hand).
25-28 Step forward R, Pivot to Left, R Kick Ball Change.
29-32 Repeat Steps 21-24.
33-36 Step forward R, Pivot to Left, R Kick Ball Change.
37-40 Grapevine Right, Stomp L & Clap (For Style this can be a Rolling Vine, Turning to your Right).
 Start Again ! !
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk August 2001