High Cotton

Choreographed by

Dakota Gold (for the Norfolk Festival July 2006)
Description 64 Count, 4 Wall, Beginner/Improver
Music High Cotton - Ray Banks, CD: Ray Banks Sings Country. 
High Cotton - Alabama CD: Greatest Hits Vol 2

	Right Side, Close, Side, Hitch Turn  Left, Back Coaster Step
1-2 	Step Right to Right, Close Left to Right
3-4 	Step Right to Right, Turn  Left while hitching Left Foot (9 o'clock)
5-6 	Step Back on Left, Step Right Next to Left,
7-8 	Step Forward on Left, Hold for one beat.
9-32 	Repeat this Section 3 More times - You will have moved in a square 
	(6 o'clock, 3 o'clock and ending facing 12 o'clock)
	Right Heel Strut Forward, Left Toe Strut Forward, Jazz Box
33-34 	Step Forward on Right Heel. Drop Right Toe taking weight
35-36 	Step Forward on Left Toe. Drop Left Heel taking weight.
37-38 	Cross Right Foot over Left. Step Back on Left Foot
39-40 	Step to Right on Right. Step Left next to Right.
41-46 	Repeat Steps 33 -38
47-48 	Step  Right on Right. Step Left Next to Right
	Shuffle Forward. Mambo Forward
49-52 	Step Forward on Right. Close Left Next to Right. Step Forward on Right. Hold.
53-56 	Rock Forward on Left. Rock Back onto Right. Step Left Next to Right. Hold.
	Shuffle Back. Coaster Cross
57-60 	Step Back on Right. Close Left Next to Right. Step Back on Right. Hold.
61-64 	Step Back on Left. Close Right to Left. Cross Left over Right. Hold.
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