Hidden Love

Choreographed by 	Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault, Canada (2011)
Description 	48 count, partner Dance Beginner-Intermediate
		Sweetheart Position Facing LOD
		The steps of a man and woman are the same type, except where indicated
Music 		I Can not Hide This Heartache - Jason Alen - Start on lyrics
Video 		https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=NUI8InjdYdA
1-8 	Walk, Walk, Shuffle Fwd, Walk, Walk, Shuffle Fwd,
1-2 	Step forward - Step forward
3&4 	Shuffle right, left, right, advancing
5-6 	Step forward - Step forward
7&8 	Shuffle left, right, left , advancing
9-16 	Side, Behind, Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, Sweep, Cross,
1-2 	Step right to right - cross left behind right
3-4 	Sweep right backward - Cross right behind left
5 -6 	left to left side - cross right over left
7-8 	Sweep right forward - cross left over right
17-24 	Side, Together, Shuffle Fwd, Side, Together, Shuffle Fwd,
1-2 	Right to Right - Slide left next to right
3&4 	Shuffle right, left, right, advancing
5-6 	left to left - Slide right next to left
7&8 	Shuffle left, right, left, advancing
25-32 	Rock Step, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Fwd,
1-2 	Rock right forward - recover on left
R	elease R hands, the woman passes under the L arms 
3&4 	Shuffle R-L-R-, 1/2 turn right
	reversed Sweetheart position, facing RLOD man inside the circle
	Release hands D, the woman passes under the left arm
5-6 	Step forward - Pivot 1/2 turn right
	Position Sweetheart facing LOD
7&8 	Shuffle L-R-L, advancing
33-40 	(Step, Touch, Back, Heel, Together, Touch) X2
1-2 	Step forward - Touch left beside right
&3 	Left slightly behind - heel forward
&4 	Step right next to left - touch left beside right
5-6 	Step forward - Touch R next to left
&7 	Right slightly behind - heel forward
&8 	Step next to right - Touch R beside left
41-48 	1/4 Turn, Slide Together, Side, Touch, Shuffle 1 . / 4 Turn, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn
	Release hands G, the woman passes under the R arm 
1-2 	1/4 turn left stepping right - Slide left beside right
	position Reverse Indian, face ILOD
T	he woman behind the man, hands held at the waist height
3-4 	Step right to right - Touch left beside right
	Release Right hands
5&6 	Shuffle left, right, left, advancing, 1/4 turn left
	The woman passes under the left arm
7-8 	Step forward - Pivot 1/2 turn left
	Resume the starting position, facing LOD		December 2015