Hell & High Water

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll  October 2017 pollykaz 7@live.co.uk
		01379 853571 www.stilldancing.co.uk
Description 	64 count dance, Facing ILOD Lady behind man holding hands
		behind man's back. Same Footwork throughout
Music 		Hell and High Water - T Graham Brown CD: Snapshot
		16 count intro start on the word 'Worry'
	Side Shuffle, Rock Back  Left, Shuffle Forward, Step Pivot  Left
1-4 	Right Side Shuffle, Rock back Left turning  left, Recover Right
	(facing RLOD, lady on Left side of man)
5-8 	Left Shuffle forward, Step forward Right, Pivot  turn Left
	(into Sweetheart Position Facing LOD)
	Walk Right, Left, Right Shuffle, Changing Sides, Turn  Left, Weave
9-12 	Walk Right Left, Right Shuffle, (Lady crossing in front of Man)
13-16 	Turn  Left stepping Forward Left, Right to Right Side, Left behind Right, Right to Right Side
	(Man behind Lady facing ILOD)
	Cross Rock, Recover, Left Side Shuffle, Rock forward, Recover, Shuffle Back
17-20 	Cross Rock Left over Right, Recover Right, Left Side Shuffle
21-24 	Rock Forward Right, Recover Left, Right Shuffle Back
	Rock Back, Turn  Left, Recover, Left Shuffle Forward, Turn 1/2 Walk Right,
	Left, Right Shuffle (Changing Sides)
25-28 	Rock Back Left turning  turn Left, Recover Right, Left Shuffle Forward (facing RLOD)
29-32 	Man - Step Fwd Right turning  Right, Step Fwd Left turning  Right, Right Shuffle Fwd (LOD)
	Lady -Step Forward Right turning  Left, Step Forward Left turning  Left, Right Shuffle Forward
	(Keeping hold of hands, keeping Left hands low, Man turning under Right arms,
	Lady behind Man, bringing Left arms over Man's head into VW position)
	Step Lock Shuffle, Cross Rock, Side Shuffle  Turn
33-36 	Step Forward Left, Lock Right Behind Left, Left Shuffle Forward (LOD) (release Right hands)
37-40 	Cross Rock Right, Recover Left, Right Shuffle  Right (facing OLOD, Man behind Lady Indian Position)
	Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle Back (Lady Full Turn, Shuffle)
	Rock Back, Recover, Right Shuffle
41-44 	Man  Rock Forward Left, Recover Right, Left Shuffle back
	Lady- Step Forward Left Pivot  Right, Shuffle  Turn Right
	(Lady turning under Left arms)
45-48 	Rock Back Right, Recover Left, Right Shuffle Forward
	Rock forward, Recover, Shuffle , Step Lock Shuffle Forward
49-52 	Rock Forward Left, Recover Right, Turn  Left, Left Shuffle (Sweetheart Position)
53-56 	Step Forward Right, Lock Left behind Right, Right Shuffle Forward,(LOD)
	Rock Forward, Recover, Shuffle  Turn, Step Forward Right, Pivot  Left,
	Side Right, Close Left Beside Right
57-60	 Rock Forward Left, Recover on Right, Shuffle  Left (RLOD)
61-64 	Step Forward Right, Pivot  turn Left, Recover Left, Step Side Right, Close Left beside Right.
	(Man Turn under Left Arms, drop Left, Pick up Right arms as Lady turns under.
	To end Facing ILOD, Lady behind Man).
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