Hearts of Angels

Adaptated by 	John Sandham March 2007
Description 	Partner waltz adapted from the line dance "heart of an Angel
		Start in sweetheart pos both on the same foot throughout
Music 		you look so good in love…..George Striate
		Any med /fast tempo waltz
		All steps in waltz ¾ time
Sec 1 .	Make ½ Turn Lt On L-.R-L. Step Back On R-L-R
	Repeat these 6 counts12 counts
	( bring R hands over ladies head break lL hands & join in front after 1st turn bring L 
	hands over ladies head & rejoin R hands to ladies shoulder)
Sec 2.	 Step forward on L swing R out and forward.
	Step forward on R swing L out and forward 6 counts
Sec 3. 	Step forward on L point R toe out to side
	Step back on R point L toe out to side 6 counts
Sec 4. 	Make a ¼ turn L on L-R-L
	(now facing inside the circle  ILOD with both hands  outstretched )
	Cross rt over lt.lt to side.rt behind lt. 6 counts
Sec 5. 	Take a big step to L slide R up to L
	Take a big step to R slide L up to R 6 counts
Sec 6. 	Make a ¼ turn lt on L point R toe out to side.
	(now facing RLOD & dropping R hands)
	Step forward on R .pivot ½ turn L on R. Point
	L toe forward (now facing LOD rejoin R hands) 6 counts
Sec 7. 	waltz forward on L-R-L, R-L-R 6 counts
(note if dancing to "heart of an angel" repeat sec  7  on the start of walls 3 & 7)
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