Head Over Boots (P)

Choreographed by 	Rick Hobbs, Jan. 2016 - rhobbs51@comcast.net
Description 	32 Count Beginner Partner Dance Sweetheart Position
Music 		Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi - Intro: 16 Count Starts on the word "feet": t

1-8 	Rock fwd left, Recover Right, Left Shuffle back, Rock back Right,
	Recover Left, Shuffle fwd Right
1-2 	Rock fwd on Left, Recover back on Right
3&4 	Shuffle back (left, right, left)
5-6 	Rock back on Right, Recover onto left
7&8 	Shuffle fwd Right (right, left, right)

9-16 	 Turn R, Vine Left, Jazz Box
1-2 	 Turn R, step Left to Left, Step Right behind left
3-4	 Step left to left with  turn left, Scuff Right next to left
5-6 	Cross Right over Left,  Turn Right step Left back
7-8 	Step Right to right, Touch Left next to Right

17-24 	Heel Touch R, Heel Touch Left, Heel Touch Right, Step, Step  Turn Left
1-2 	Step on Left, Touch Right heel fwd (slight angle to right)
3-4 	Step on Right, Touch Left heel fwd (slight angle to left)
5-6 	Step on Left, Touch right heel fwd (slight angle to right)
7-8 	Step on Right, Step left next to Right, with  turn left (facing FLOD)

25-32 	Shuffle fwd Right, Shuffle fwd Left, Walk right, Walk left, Shuffle Right
1&2 	Shuffle fwd right (right, left, right)
3&4 	Shuffle fwd left (left, right, left)
5-6 	Walk fwd right, Walk fwd Left
7&8 	Shuffle fwd Right (right, left, right)			February 2016