Havana Heart

Choreographed by 	Linda Byrum & Paul Brown, 4/27/2018
		pebrown50@hotmail.com ; 765-744-8695 USA
Description 	32 count paRtner dance; starting in closed position, man facing down LOD
		Man's foot work listed; lady's mirrors; 16 count lead
Music 		Havana - Camila Cabello
Video		https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mVTdgmmqr0

	Right Rock , Cha Cha, Left Rock, Cha Cha
1-2 	Rock Rt to Rt side, recover on Lt
3&4 	Cha cha in place
5-6 	Rock Lt to Lt side, recover on Rt
7&8 	Cha cha in place
	Forward Rock, Cha Cha 1/4 Turn Left; Cross Rock, Side Cha Cha To Left
1-2 	Rock forward on Rt foot, recover on Lt,
3&4 	Cha cha turning 1/4 to right
5-6 	Cross rock lf over Rt, recover on Rt,
7&8 	Cha cha L-R-L to Lt side ( go to 2 hand hold)
	Weave To Left
1-4 	Cross Rt over Lt, step Lt to Lt side, cross Rt behind Lt, step Lt to Lt side
	Cross Rock Cha Cha
5-6 	Cross rock Rt over Lf, recover on Lt,
7&8 	Cha cha in place
	Forward Rock, Cha Cha 1/2 Turn To Left ( Lady 1/4 To Rt) Free Turns
1-2 	Rock forward on Lt, recover on right,
3&4 	L-R-L 1/2 turn to Lt
	Paddle Turn To Left, Paddle Turns To Lt ( Lady Paddle Turns To Rt)
5-8 	Step forward on Rt foot, turn 1/4 turn Lt, repeat
	Begin Again					May 2018