The Harwood

Choreographed by Garth Bock & Wanda Sigler Diamonds & Spurs Dancers -- -- 4, Harwood Place, Bloomington IL. 61701
Description: 46 count couples/circle dance, Both on same foot
Music Without Your Love - Aaron Tippin -112 bpm
  That's As Close As I Get To Lovin' You - Aaron Tippin - 93 bpm
  Melancholy Child - Pam Tillis
1-2 Right scuff forward-step down on right
3-4 Left scuff forward-step down on left
5-6 Right scuff forward-cross right over left
7-8 Step back on left -step right to right (jazz box)
9-10 Left scuff forward-step down on left
11-12 Right scuff forward-step down on right
13-14 Left scuff forward-cross left over right
15-16 Step back on right, step left to left (jazz box)
17&18 Shuffle forward right (right-left-right)
19&20 Shuffle forward left (left-right-left)
21-22 Step right forward-step left behind right
23-24 Step Rt forward,Scuff left forward turning turn right (hitching left knee slightly)
25-26 Left grapevine-touch right next to left
27-30 MAN: Right grapevine-left touch (man drops lady's right hand and raises his left arm to start
lady's turn to the right.)
LADY: Rolling right vine under man's raised left hand and finishes with a left touch, Both together-man
standing behind lady in Indian or tandem positions
31-32 Step left left-touch right next to left
33-34 Step right right (man raises both left hands up and around in front to lay left hands on her
right shoulder by the next count.) ,
Left touch
(man releases her left hand and raises both right arms for lady's left rolling vine)
35-37 MAN: Left grapevine
LADY: Left rolling vine
38 Both scuff right turning turn left back to LOD , Man drops left hands-man vines behind lady
39-42 MAN: Steps right-left behind, steps right left, touches left toe beside right and tips hat or
bows to lady.(he faces into the circle across LOD)
LADY: Steps Rt over Lt, steps Lt turn Rt, steps Rt beside Lt-touches Lt toe as she bows or
curtseys to the man. (she faces out of the circle across line of dance)
43-46 MAN: Steps left-steps right behind-steps left right-touches right toe (he now faces forward LOD)
LADY: Steps left-steps right left-steps left behind right-touches right toe
(she now faces forward LOD)
They rejoin right hands-both now face LOD
  REPEAT                                                                  November 2000