Choreographed by

Diane Jackson ~ Arjjaze Country Western Dancers -01405 860993
Description  48 Count, Partner Dance, Side by Side holding inside hands
Opposite footwork throughout Mans Steps listed
Music  You need a Man Around here – Brad Paisley CD: Time Well Wasted
or any ECS
Dedicated to "Do It Yourself" Trevor Jervis

1-8 	Touch Step x2, 1/4 Turn side Shuffle, 1/4 turn rock Step
	Touch Left toe Forward, Step Forward on Left
	Touch Right toe Forward, Step forward on right
	Turning 1/4 turn Right, step left to left side, Right next to left, left to left to left side
	1/4 turn right [RLOD] Rock back on Right, Forward on Left

9-16 	Repeat 1-8 Starting on Right. End Facing LOD
17-24 	Shuffles x2, Rock Step, Step Touch
	Left Shuffle forward, Right shuffle forward
	Rock forward on left, back on right, Step back on left, Touch right next to Left
25-32 	Rock Step, 1/4 Turn Rock Step, Weave 1/4 Turn
	Rock Forward on Right, Back on Left
	Turning 1/4 turn right, Rock right to right side, Step left to left side
	Cross right over left, Left to left side, Cross right behind left,
	Step forward on left turning left into LOD
	[Holding inside hands]
33-40 	Shuffle [Lady 1/2 Turn] Rock Step, Shuffle, [Lady into Wrap], Rock Step
	Man 	Shuffle in Forward RLR, Rock Forward on left, back on right
	Lady 	Shuffle Forward Turning 1/2 turn right to face man, Rock back on right, forward on left
	[Double hand hold]
	Man Shuffle back LRL, rock back on right, forward on left
	Lady shuffle forward turning 1/2 turn left into Wrap, Rock back on left, forward on right
41-48 	Shuffles x 2,[Lady Out of Wrap], Rock Step, Touch
	Man 	Shuffle Forward RLR – LRL
		Rock forward on Right, Back on left
		Step back on right, Touch left next to right
	Lady 	Shuffle forward LRL – RLR at same time turning full turn right out of Wrap
	Release Lady’s Right hand
	Rock forward on left, back on right
	Step back on left, Touch right next to left
	Start Again 
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