Choreographer Jack Edwards
Description Partner Dance. Sweetheart position.

1 - 4  Right heel tap forward - Twice, Right toe tap back - Twice
5 - 8 Right shuffle forward, Left shuffle forward
9 -10 Right step across Left, Left step back
11-12 Step Right making 1/4 turn right, Left touch next to right
(box step finish gent behind lady facing outside line of dance)
13-16 Left to left, right cross behind, Left to left, Right touch in front of left
17-20 Right to right, left cross behind, right to right, Left touch behind right
21-22 Left to side, right slide up to left
23-24 Left to left making 1/4 turn left (back in LOD) Right scuff forward
25-28 Right shuffle forward, Left shuffle forward
29-32 right shuffle forward, Left shuffle
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