Follow Your Dream
Choreographed by Barrie Godfrey 11/02
Description  32 Count, 4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance
Music  All I Have To Do Is Dream’ by Glen Campbell & Bobby Gentry (96 bpm)
or the Everly Brothers (102 bpm).Starts on the word 
"When..." (When I Want You).

	Back Rock, Right Shuffle, Step 1/4 Turn, Cross Shuffle.
1-2 	Rock back right. Rock forward left.
3&4 	Step forward right. Close left to right. Step forward right. 
5-6 	Step forward left. Make 1/4 pivot right. 
7&8 	Cross left over right. Step right to right. Cross left over right.
	Side Rock, & Back Rock, Left Shuffle, Forward Rock.
1-2 	Rock right to right side. Recover on left. 
&3-4 	Step right beside left. Rock back on left. Rock forward on right.
5&6 	Step forward on left. Close right beside left. Step forward on left. 
7-8 	Rock forward on right. Rock back on left. 
	1/4 Turn Slide, Side Together Forward, Step 1/4 Turn, Walks
1-2 	Step right long step right making 1/4 turn right. Slide left to right 
3&4 	Step left to left. Close right beside left. Step forward left.
5-6 	Step forward right. Pivot 1/4 turn left. 
7-8 	Walk forward right. Walk forward left. 
 	1/2 Turn Left, Kick, Left Coaster Step, Hips Sways.
1-2 	Step forward right making 1/2 turn left. Kick left foot forward. 
3&4 	Step back left. Step right beside left. Step forward on left.
5-6 	Step right slightly right swaying hips right. Sway hips left. Right Sway
7-8 	Sway hips right. Sway hips left. 
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Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2002