Falling Rain (a.k.a. Precipitation)

Choreographers	Al & Sandy Ord – St Neots UK – 01480 351742 – al.ord@btinternet.com 
		Adapted from Chrissie Hodgson’s Dance – Falling Rain
Description: 	32 Count Partner Dance – Start Reverse Side by Side facing RLOD
Music: 		The Rain Came Falling Down - Pete Redfern (Dance Mix)
		Available as a Free Download from www.peteredfern.com
	Touch Out In Out, Coaster Step, Step ½ Pivot, ¼ Turn Chasse
1&2 	Touch Rt Toe to Rt Side, Touch Rt Toe next To Lt, Touch Rt Toe To Rt Side
3&4 	Step Back on Rt, Step Lt Next To Right, Step Fwd On Rt
5, 6 	Step Fwd On Lt, Pivot ½ Turn onto Rt
7&8 	Step Lt making ¼ Turn Rt, Step Rt Next to Lt, Step Lt to Lt Side
Hands- 	On Pivot release Lt, turn under raised Rt rejoining Lt in Indian facing OLOD on Chasse
	Behind Side Cross, Side Rock Cross, Sway Rt Sway Lt, Behind ¼ Turn Step Fwd
9&10 	Cross Rt Behind Lt, Step Lt To Lt Side, Cross Step Rt Over Lt
11&12 	Rock Lt To Lt Side, Recover onto Rt, Cross Step Lt Over Rt
13, 14 	Step Rt to Rt Side Swaying Hips Rt, Recover Onto Lt Swaying Hips Lt
15&16 	Cross Rt Behind Lt, Step Lt Fwd making ¼ Turn Lt, Step Rt Fwd
Hands 	Retain hold and Finish in Sweetheart facing LOD
	Step ½ Pivot, Triple ½ Turn, Coaster Step, Sweep Step Fwd x 2
17, 18 	Step Fwd Lt, Pivot ½ Turn Right
19&20 	Triple ½ Turn Rt Stepping Back on Lt Rt Lt
21&22 	Step Rt Back, Step Lt Beside Rt, Step Rt Fwd
23, 24 	Sweep Lt Fwd Cross Stepping Over Rt, Sweep Rt Fwd Cross Stepping Over Lt
Hands- 	On Pivot release Lt, Turn under raised Rt, rejoin in Sweetheart after Triple Turn
	Rock Recover ¼ Turn, Sway Rt Sway Lt, Sailor Step ¼ Turn Rt, Triple ½ Turn
25&26 	Rock Fwd on Lt, Recover Back onto Rt, Step Lt To Lt Side Making ¼ Turn Lt
27, 28 	Step Rt To Rt Side Swaying Hips Rt, Recover Onto Lt Swaying Hips Lt
29&30 	Step Rt Behind Lt, Step Lt Beside Rt Making ¼ Turn Rt, Step Rt Fwd
31&32 T	riple ½ Turn in Place Stepping LRL
Hands- 	On Rock & Turn release Lt and take Rt over Ladies Head rejoin Lt in Reverse Indian
	On Sailor Turn keep Lt low behind Gent and start to raise Rt in front, on Triple Turn
	release Lt and turn Lady under raised Rt, rejoin Lt in Reverse Sweetheart facing RLOD
	Smile and start again
	Thanks to Chrissie for her dance and to Pete for the music
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk September 2010