Even Closer
Choreographed by Eve Blay - 01932 561032 - eve@texaslines.fsnet.co.uk
Description 64 Count, Partner Dance - Sweetheart position –
Same footwork unless otherwise stated
Music Fast as You – Dwight Yoakam - 124 bpm
Closer – Susan Ashton – CD Awesome 7 - 122 bpm

 	Right Forward Touch, Left Back Touch, Right Vine, Touch [Lady: 3 Step Turn Touch]
1-4 	Right step Diagonal forward Right, Left Touch beside, Left step back diagonal Left, Right touch beside
5-8 	Right Vine (Lady Optional 3 step turn to right) Both touch left beside right
	Release Left hands, Lady Turns under raised Right arm
	Left Fwd, Touch, Right Back, Touch, Left Vine Step Together, (Lady: 3 Step turn, Step Together
9-12 	Left step diagonally fwd left, Right Touch Beside, Right step diagonally back right, Left touch beside
13-16 	Left Vine (Lady Optional 3 step Turn To Left) Step together Both have weight on Right
	Release Left Hands Lady Turns under Raised-Right Arm
	Left Fwd Hold, Right Step 1/2 Turn Pivot, Right Fwd Hold, Left Side Together x 2
17-20 	Step Forward Left, Hold, Right step Fwd Pivot 1/2 turn Left (Now facing RLOD)
21-24 	Step forward Right, Hold, Step Left to left side Step right beside Left
25-32 	Repeat 17 - 24 (Facing LOD)
	On Steps 19-20 Release left hands Raise Right, Take over lady’s head as you turn to RLOD, 
	Join left hands in front
	On Steps 27-28 Release Right hands, Take Left hand Over Lady’s head as you turn 
	back Into LOD, Return to Sweetheart position)
	1/4 Turn Right, Behind, Side Behind, 1/4 Turn Left, Scuff Right Fwd Turning 1/4 Turn Left
33-38 	Turn 1/4 turn right stepping onto Left
	(Both Facing OLOD - Man behind Lady holding lady’s arms, Gently out to the sides)
	Moving To The Left, Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to left side
	Step Right behind Left Turn 1/4 turn left stepping onto left [LOD]
	Scuff Right Fwd Turning 1/4 Turn To Left, Release left hands, take right hand over lady’s head
	(Both facing ILOD - Lady behind Man, holding both hands just below waist height)

	Side Behind, Side Behind, Turn 1/4 Turn Right, Scuff Left Fwd, Strut x 2
39-48 	Step right to right side, Step left behind right, Step right to right side, Step Left behind Right,
	Turn 1/4 turn to Right [LOD] 
	Release left hands take right hands over lady’s head into Sweetheart position
	Step forward on right, Scuff left forward
	Left heel Strut, Right heel strut
	Rock Recover Shuffle x 2, Step Turn, 1/2 Turn Shuffle, Rock Recover, Shuffle
	Release Right hands bring left hands over lady’s head back into sweetheart position
	Man 					Lady
49-56 	Rock Fwd onto Left, Rock back onto Right, 		Step Fwd on Left, Pivot 1/2 turn right,
	Left Shuffle Back LRL 				Turn 1/2 turn Shuffle LRL
	Rock Back onto Right. Rock Fwd onto Left, 		Rock back onto Right, Rock Fwd onto Left
	Right Shuffle Fwd RLR 			Right Shuffle Fwd RLR
	Side Touch, Side Touch, Rock Recover, Shuffle
57-64 	Left step to left side, Touch right beside Left
	Step Right to right side, Touch left beside right
	Rock back onto left, Rock fwd on right, Left shuffle Fwd LRL