Duet All             
Choreographed by  Rosie Multari - Multari@aol.com 
Description 48 count, intermediate west coast swing partner dance Side by Side,
Man's right arm & Lady's left arm behind each other's backs. Man's
steps are described. Partners' footwork is mirrored, 
except in certain turns:
Music  I Wanna Do It All - Terri Clark - 138 bpm - CD: Pain To Kill
I Hear You Knockin' - Pete Martinez
** - 130 bpm / CD: CD Single
Last One Standing - Emerson Drive 124 bpm

(Revised 25/04/04)

**To order CD single send $8 check or money order (including shipping and handling) payable to: Pete Martinez
- 5400 East Jewell Ave. - Denver, CO 80222
Choreographer's notes:- Lady will turn 3/4 right while Man turns 1/4 left in counts 17-20;
BOTH turn 3/4 right in counts 25-28

1-4 	Tap left toe to side, tap next to right, repeat
5-6 	Tap left heel diagonally forward, lift heel behind right leg and tap foot against lady's right foot
7-8 	Tap left heel diagonally forward, lift heel across right leg and tap foot against lady's right foot
1-4 	Step left diagonally forward, cross right behind, step left, touch right next to left
	(slide arms apart, hold onto hands)
5-8 	Step right to side, cross left behind,  turn right as you step right, touch left next to right
	(partners face each other, hold both hands)
17-20 	MAN: 	Step Lt to side, cross Rt behind,  turn Lt as you step Lt, touch Rt next to Lt. (faces LOD)
	LADY: 	 Turn right as you step right, (going under own right arm, don't let go of hands),
		 turn right as you step Lt,  turn right as you step Rt, touch Lt next to Rt (faces RLOD)
Arm position: 	Lady's left arm is behind her back, her right arm is across man's torso, and their hands are
		connected (hammerlock)
21-2	4 Walk forward right, left, right, touch left next to right (man faces LOD, lady faces rear LOD)
25&26 	Shuffle left, right, left, shuffle right, left, right as both
27&28 	Turn  right, (man faces ILOD)
29&30 	MAN: 	Shuffle left, right, left
	LADY 	Shuffle right, left, right,
31&32 	MAN 	Shuffle right, left, right as you turn  right (faces partner, OLOD)
	LADY 	Shuffle left, right, left as you turn  left
	(unwinding arms, not letting go of hand, lady faces ILOD)
33-36 	Step left, cross right behind,  turn left as you step left step forward on right
37-38 	Pivot to left on both feet as you look over left shoulder, pivot to right on both feet as you look to LOD
	(weight on right)
39-40 	Step forward on left,  turn pivot right, shifting weight to right (faces partner)
41&42 	Shuffle side left, right left
43-44 	Rock back on right, recover weight to left
45&46 	Shuffle side right, left, right
47-48 	Rock back on left (facing LOD), step right next to left
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk April 2004