Down Home (Potters Dec 18)

Choreographers’ 	Al & Sandy Ord St Neots UK (With help from Diamond Country Dancers)
Description: 	64 Count Partner Dance. Start in Closed Western Man facing LOD Opposite footwork
Music: 		You Ain’t Down Home - Jann Browne CD Tell Me Why (Teach same song from Julie Roberts)
Alternatives: 	Call on Me or Whos’ Been Sleeping In My Bed by Glen Frey – CD Solo Collection
Styling: 		To promote a Tango feel to the dance, during the Holds drag the free leg
		through or round into the next step
	Man Back L, R Together, Side L, Drag R. Fwd R, L Together, ¼ R. Sweep L and Point
	Lady Fwd R, Together L, Slide To R, Drag L. Back L, Together R, Back L ¼ R, Point R
1-4 	Slide L Back, Slide R beside L, Slide L to L Side, Drag R next to L no weight. (Lady Steps R Fwd)
5-8 	Slide R Fwd, Slide L beside R, Cross Step R diagonally Fwd over L making ¼ turn R, sweep L behind
	R and point L. (Lady steps back L ¼ Turn R & sweeps R in front to Point R)
	Man facing OLOD Lady ILOD
	Man Side Rock L, Recover ¼ L on R, Step L Back, Low Kick R.. R Coaster Step Back, Hold
	Lady Side Rock R, Recover ¼ L, Step ½ turn L on R, Low Kick L.
	(Now in wrap facing LOD).L Coaster Step back, Hold
	(Lady turns into wrap under Mans raised L keeping Mans R Low)
9-12 	Side Rock L, Recover R making ¼ turn L, Step L Back, Kick R. (Lady Rock R, ¾ turn L into wrap)
13-16 	Step R Back, Step L beside R, Step R Fwd (Lady Step L Back, Step R Together, Step L Fwd)
	Man Step L ¼ turn R, Cross R over L, Step Side L, Hold. Weave Behind, Side, Cross, Hold
	Lady 3 x ¼ Turns R out of Wrap to face, in open double hand hold Sweep L
	into 3 step Weave, Hold
17-20 	Step L ¼ turn R, Cross Step R over L,, Step L to L Side. Sweep R behind L No weight
	Lady. Step Fwd R ¼ Turn R, Step L ¼ turn R, Step R ¼ Turn R, Sweep L over R No Weight
21-24 	Cross R behind L, Step L to Side, Cross R over L, Hold (Lady Cross In Front Side, Behind, Hold)
	Man Step ¼ L, Walk Fwd x2, Hold. Sweep Out, Cross Step R, Sweep Out, Cross Step L..
	Lady Step ¼ R, Step L ½ R, Step R Back, Hold Sweep L, Cross behind, Sweep R, Cross behind
	(Turn Lady under Mans raised L release R and rejoin Palm to Palm Man facing LOD Lady RLOD)
25-28 	Step ¼ L, Walk Fwd R, L, Hold. (Lady Step Fwd ¼ R, Step Back L ½ R, Step R Back, Hold)
29-32 	Sweep R Out, Cross Step over L, Sweep L Out, Cross Step over R (Lady Sweep Out, Cross behind)
	Man Walk Fwd x3 Crossing Steps, Hold. Step Fwd L, Touch R beside,
	Step Back R Touch L Beside.
	Lady Walk Back x3 Crossing behind steps, Hold. Step Back R, Touch L, Step Fwd L, Touch R
33-36 	Cross Step R over L, Cross Step L over R, Cross Step R over L, Hold. (Lady Cross Step Behind)
37-40 	Step L Fwd, Touch R beside L, Step R Back, Touch L beside R,.(Lady Step Back, Touch Fwd Touch)
	Man Rock Diagonally Back L, Recover, Rock Diagonally Back, Hold. Repeat turning Diagonally R
	Lady Cross Rock R Diagonally over L, Recover, Cross Rock, Hold. Repeat turning Diagonally R
41-44 	Rock L Back turning to L Diagonal, Recover R, Rock L Back, Hold. (Lady Cross Rock R Over L)
45-48 	Rock R Back turning to R Diagonal, Recover L, Rock R Back, Hold. (Lady Cross Rocks L over R)
	Man Walk Fwd x 3, Hold. Step Fwd, Step Together, Step Fwd, Hold.
	Lady Full Turn R, Step Back, Hold. Step Back Step Together, Step Back, Hold
	(Turn Lady under Mans Raised L release R and rejoin in Closed Man facing LOD Lady RLOD)
49-52 	Step L, Step R Beside L, Step L, Hold. (Lady R Back ½ Turn R, L ½ Turn R, Step back R, Hold)
53-56. 	Step R Fwd, Step L Beside R Step R Fwd, Hold. (Lady L Back, R Together, L Back, Hold)
	Man Step Side L, Step R Beside L, Step L Fwd, Hold. Rock Fwd, Recover, Step Back, Hold
	Lady Step Side R, Step L Beside R, Step Back R, Hold. Rock Back, Recover, Step Fwd, Hold
57-60 	Step L to L Side, Step R beside L, Step L Fwd, Hold. (Lady Step Side, Together, Back, Hold)
61-64	Rock R Fwd, Recover Back on L, Step R Back, Hold. (Lady Rock L Back, Recover, Step Fwd, Hold)
								December 2018