Double Telepathy

Choreographed by 	Bob Hocking ~
Description: 	64 count partner dance, Holding hands facing each other
		Gents facing OLOD Opposite footwork throughout. Gents steps listed......
Music: 		You Can’t Read My Mind - Toby Keith
	Adapted from the Line dance "TELEPATHY" by Chris Hodgson
	Rumba Box x2
1-4 	Step right to right. Step left beside right, step right fwd. Hold
5-8 	Step left to left. step right beside left, step left back. Hold
	Side Together Side, Hold, Rock Back 1/4 Turn, Hold
9-12 	Step right to right, step left beside right, step right to right. Hold
13-16 	Rock back onto left, fwd on right, step left ¼ turn left to LOD. Hold
	(release gents left hand, inside hand hold )
	Step Lock Step, Hold 1/2 Turn Step, Hold
17-20 	Step right fwd, lock left behind right, step fwd on right, Hold
21-24 	Step left fwd, Pivot ½ turn Right (Lady Left) step fwd on left Hold
	(releasing hands rejoining into inside hands hold )
	Right Mambo Hold. Left Coaster Step, Hold
25-28 	Right mambo fwd, Hold
29-32 	Left coaster step, Hold
	1/4 Turn Cross, Hold, Side Behind 1/4 Turn. Hold
33-36 	Step right fwd, pivot 1/4 turn left, cross right over left. Hold
	(Lady turn right to face gent into double handed hold )
37-40 	Step left to left, cross right behind left, step left to left turning ¼ turn to LOD. Hold
	(release gents left hand on turn )
	Step Right, Left. Right, Hold ( Lady Full Turn Right ) Left Mambo, Hold
41-44 	Step fwd right, left, right Hold Lady full turn Right (optional walks fwd )
	(Raise gents right hand on turn )
45-48 	Left mambo fwd. Hold

	Right Coaster Step, Hold, 1/4 Turn Cross Hold
49-52 	Right coaster step. Hold
53-56 	Step fwd on Left Pivot 1/4 turn right (to face lady into double handed hold)
	Cross left over right, Hold
	Rock, Cross, Hold, Rock Stomp, Hold
57-60 	Rock right to right, replace weight onto left, cross right over left, Hold
61-62 	Rock left to left, replace weight onto right stomp left beside right, hold.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2010