Double Kick
DESCRIPTION Partner Dance Right side by side
MUSIC Born in the Dark - Doug Stone

  MAN [or both ] LADY [where noted]
  Forward Shuffles, Heel touch, toe fan
1&2 Shuffle forward LRL
3&4 Shuffle forward RLR
5 - 6 Touch left heel forward, Step left back next to right
7 - 8 Fan right toe to the right, Bring right toe back to centre
  Step-Slides Forward, Scuff, Lady's' Turn
9-10 Step forward on right. slide Left up next to right
11-12 Step forward on right, Scuff left forward
  man releases lady's left hand
13 Rock back on left Step forward on left, Pivot 1/2 turn right
14 Touch Right next to left Step forward on right
  Rolling Turns: Release all hands:
15 Step to the right on Right & beginCW turn travelling slightly right Step to Lt on Lt & begin a full CCW turn travelling slightly to left
16 Step on Lt & continue full CW turn Step on right and continue full CCW turn
17 Step on Rt and complete full CW turn Step on left & complete and complete turn
  Man and lady now face each other, Lady's face RLOD and man faces FLOD . Take up both hands
18 Step left next to right Touch right next to left
  Cross Kicks  
19 Kick Right in front of left shin (to your partners right side)
20 Step Right back next to left
21 Kick left in front of right shin (to your partners left side)
22 Step left back next to right
23-26 Repeat steps 19 - 22
  Man's Rock Step, Lady's Turn, Step-Slide Forward, Scuff
  Man takes lady's right hand in his left hand
27 Step back on right Step forward on right & pivot 1/2 turn Left
28 Rock forward on Left in place Step forward onto left
  Partners back right side by side position
29-30 Step forward on right, Slide left up next to right
31-32 Step forward on right, Scuff left forward
  BEGIN AGAIN May 2000
  Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors, Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert