Don't Think

Choreographed by	Karen & Nigel Poll  March 2012 - 01379 853571
Description	48 count Partner Dance, Sweetheart Position, facing LOD
		Man's steps listed, Same footwork throughout. Unless stated
Music		Don't Think I Won't  Mark Wills,, Album - Wish You Were Here
	Side Shuffle, Rock, Side Shuffle, Rock
1-4 	Right side shuffle, Rock back on Left, recover on Right.
5-8 	Left side shuffle, Rock back on Right, recover on Left.
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle,  Pivot, Shuffle
9-12 	Walk forward Right, Left, Right shuffle forward,
13-16 	Step Forward on Left, pivot  turn right (into OLOD) Left shuffle forward (Indian Position)
	Pivot  turn, shuffle, Pivot  turn, Man - triple in place, Lady - Shuffle  turn right
17-20 	Both  Step forward Right, pivot  turn left, Right shuffle (facing ILOD) (Reverse Indain)
21-24 	Both - Step Forward Left, pivot  turn Right, (facing OLOD) (Indian Position)
	Man  Left triple in place
	Lady  Left shuffle turning  right, (bring left arms over lady's head as turning to end with arms crossed left hands on top)
	Man  Rock forward,  turn left, Left shuffle, Lady  Rock back, Shuffle forward
25-28 	Man  Step forward Right pivot  turn left, Right shuffle forward (facing ILOD)
	Lady- Rock back on Right, recover on Left, Right shuffle forward (to end on Left side of man)
	Bringing hands over man's head to end in VW position right hands on top, facing ILOD.
29-32 	Both  Left side rock, recover on Right, Left cross shuffle (still facing ILOD)
	Weave, Shuffle  turn, Man - Walk in place, Shuffle, Lady - Walk  turn Shuffle
3336 	Both  Step side Right, cross Left behind right, Right shuffle turning  into LOD ( Lady still on
	Left side of Man in VW position)
37-40 	Man  Small steps forward stepping Left, Right, Left shuffle (moving only slightly forward)
	Lady  Turn  turn Right, stepping Left, Right, (in front of man) Left shuffle
	(moving backwards facing RLOD ending with right hands on top)
	Man  Walk Walk Shuffle, Walk Walk Shuffle,
	Lady- Full Turn Right Shuffle,  turn Left Shuffle
41-44 	Man - Walk forward Right, Left, Right shuffle forward
	Lady - Turn  right stepping forward on Right, Turn  Right stepping back on Left,
	Right shuffle backwards (Bring Right hands over lady's head)
45-48 	Man - Walk forward Left, Right, Left shuffle forward.
	Lady = Turn  Left stepping forward on Left, Turn  Left stepping forward on Right,
	Left shuffle forwards (bring left hands over lady's head back into Sweetheart position).
	Start Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2012