Donít Touch Partner
Choreographed by  Liz & Bev Clark

Adapted from Line Dance "Donít Touch" for partners by "Rocky Tops" Partner Class


64 Count Partner Dance, Indian position facing OLOD

Music  Donít Touch my Willie Ė Kevin Fowler - CD Loose, Loud & Crazy
USA Today Ė Alan Jackson

	Right Vine, Touch, Rock Forward Recover, Back Recover
1-4 	Step right to right, Left behind right, step right to right, Touch Left
5-8 	Rock forward on Left, Recover onto right, Rock back on left, Recover onto right
	Left Vine, touch, Step Pivot 1/4 Left, Right Kick Ball Step
1-4 	Step Left to Left, Step right behind left, step left to left, Touch Right
5-6 	Step forward on right, Pivot 1/4 turn left
7&8 	kick right forward & Step left beside right, Step forward Right
	Now in Sweetheart position
	Rock Forward Recover, Triple 1/2 Turn Right x 2, Right Coaster Step
1-2 	Rock forward on right, Recover onto Left [Release Left hands raise Right]
3&4 	Triple 1/2 turn right on R-L-R
5&6 	Triple 1/2 turn Right on L-R-L
7&8 	Step back on Right & Step left beside right, Step forward Right
	[Rejoin left hands, back into sweetheart position]
	Diagonal Left, Lock Left Brush Right, Diagonal Right, Lock Left, Brush Left
1-4 	Step Left diagonally, Lock right, Step Left Diagonally, Brush Right
5-8 	Step right diagonally, Lock Left, Step right diagonally, Brush Left	[Still in Sweetheart]
	Rock Fwd Left, Recover Right, 1/4 Left, Side Close side, Cross Right Step Left, Right
	Behind & Step Left, Right in Front
	[Release Left hands, Raise right over ladyís head, now in Reverse Indian facing ILOD
1-2 	Rock Forward Left, Recover onto Right
3&4 	1/4 turn Left on L-R-L
5-6 	Cross Right in front, Step side left,
7&8 	Step right behind, step left to left, step right in front

	Rock Fwd Left, Recover right, Left Coaster, Pivot 3/4 Turn Left, Right Kick Ball Step LOD
1-2 	Rock Forward Left, Recover onto Right
3&4 	Step back left, Step right beside Left, Step forward left
5-6 	Step forward Right, Pivot 3/4 turn left
7&8 	Right Kick Ball Step

	Four shuffles, Windmill Turn x 2
1-4 	Right shuffle [Prepare for Windmill turn] Left shuffle
5-8 	Release Left hand, Raise right, 1/2 turn Left on right shuffle, RLOD
	[Rejoin left hands, release right] 1/2 turn Left on Left shuffle LOD back into Sweetheart

	Pivot 1/4 Rt on Rt, Step Lt, Rt Behind Side In front, Step Lt together, Side Close side
1-2 	Step 1/4 turn right on right, [OLOD Indian Position] Step Left to Side
3&4 	Step Right behind Left Step Left to side Left, Step Right in front of left
5-6 	Step Left to side, Right next to left
7&8 	Step Left to side, Right next to left, step left to side
	Start Again, Happy Dancing Rocky Tops
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert June 2005