Choreographed By

John & Freida Utzig ~ 04/01/2006  ~ 
Description 48 Count – Partner Circle – Flow Dance
Starting Position: Sweetheart Position facing FLOD
Same Footwork for both Man and Lady
Music HEARTBREAKER - Blue Lagoon

Left Grapevine – ½ Pinwheel
1–4 	Step left to left side,cross right behind left, step left to left side, brush right forward.
5-8 	Start ½ pinwheel to right, shuffle forward right-left-right, finish pinwheel
	Shuffling L-R-L. [Lady shuffles in place as man shuffles around lady, Both end facing RLOD]
Right Grapevine – ½ Pinwheel
9-12 	Step right to right side – cross left behind right – step
	right to right side – brush Left forward.
13-16 	Start ½ pinwheel to left, shuffle forward L-R-L, finish pinwheel
	Shuffling R-L-R. { Man shuffles in place as lady shuffles
	around man, both end facing FLOD}
Walk – Walk – Shuffle Forward
17-20 	Walk forward on left – walk forward on right – shuffle forward L-R-L;
	{ Option -  Lady may turn full turn to right on the two walking steps }

Step Lock – Shuffle Forward
21-24 	Step forward at right angle onto right foot – lock left behind right – shuffle Forward R-L-R

Rock – Recover – Coaster Step
25-28 	Rock forward onto left– recover onto right– step back onto left,
	bring Right together with left, step forward onto right.
Walk – Walk – Shuffle Forward
29-32 	Walk forward on right, left, shuffle forward R-L-R
	{ Option: Lady may turn full turn to left on the two walking steps }
Step Lock – Shuffle Forward
33-36 	Step forward at left angle onto left– lock right behind left – shuffle forward L-R-L.
Rock - Recover – Coaster Step
37-40 	Rock forward onto right – recover on left – step back onto
	right, bring left together with right, step forward onto right.
Sway, Sway, Shuffle Forward
41-44 	Step forward at left angle onto left and sway hips forward
	left – step back onto right foot swaying hips back to right – shuffle
	forward L-R-L
Sway, Sway, Shuffle Forward
45-48 	Step forward at right angle onto right and sway hips
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2006

forward right, step back onto left swaying hips back to left ,shuffle Forward R-L-R.