Choreographed by 	Hazel Pace OI538 360886 Ė 
Description 	32 Count Partner Spot Dance Side by Side, Lady on Gents Right
		Opposite Footwork and Turns. (Unless Stated).
		Ladies Steps Given. Holding Inside Hands
Music 		Donít Be Cruel by Marty Stuart. (Toe The Line 2, BPM 174).
Alt 		Louisiana Saturday Night by Alabama Intro: Start on Vocals
		Jessico by Kentucky Head Hunters.
1-8 	Rock Back, Recover 1/4 Left to Face, Mambo Step, Side Behind Side,
	Rock Recover 1/4 Left.
1&2 	Rock back on Rt, recover on Lt, 1/4 left turn stepping Rt to right side. (Now Facing Partner).
3&4 	Rock back on left, recover on right, left in place. (Double Hand Hold). Count 3 Gent rock back.
5&6 	Right to right side, left behind right, right to right side. (Western Hold).
7&8 	Cross rock left over right, recover on right, !/4 turn left stepping forward on left.

9-16 	Triple 3/4 Turn Left, Mambo Step, Rock Recover 1/2 Turn Right,
	Step 1/2 Pivot, Step Right.
	(No Hands on 3/4 Turn)
1&2 	Triple 3/4 turn left on right, left, right to face partner. (No hands).
3&4 	Rock back on left, recover on right, step left in place. (Western Hold).
	Count 3 Gent Rock Forward.
5&6 	Rock forward on right, recover on left, 1/2 turn right stepping forward on right.
7&8 	Step forward on left, 1/2 pivot right, weight on right, step forward on left.
5&6 	Mambo back, (Lady drop left going under right).
7&8 	Triple on the spot right, left, right.
17-24 	Rock Back 1/4 Turn Right, Recover 1/2 Left, Rock Recover 1/4 Right,
	Stride & Slide, Touches.
	(As you do rock turns arms round your partners back).
1&2 	Rock back on right making 1/4 turn right, recover on left, make 1/2 turn left stepping back on right.
3&4 	Rock back on left, recover on right, make 1/4 turn right stepping left to left side. (Facing Western).
5&6 	Stride back on right, slide left up to right, touch left beside right. (Gent stride forward on left).
7&8 	Touch left to left side, touch left beside right, touch left toe to left side.
25-32 	Stride, Slide, Touches, Flick 1/4 Turn, Sailor Step, Full Turn Right.
1&2 	Stride forward on left, slide right up to left, touch right beside left. (Gent stride back).
3&4 	Touch right out to right side, touch right beside left, touch right out to right side.
& 	Flick right forward making 1/4 turn right.
5&6 	Step right behind left, left in place, right in place.
7&8 	Step forward on left, make 1/2 turn right stepping onto right,
	make 1/2 turn right stepping back on left. (No hands on full turn).
	You are now back where you started.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2007