Dirt On My Boots

Choreographer: 	Al Ord (St Neots UK. al.ord@btinternet.com ) Oct 2017
Description: 	32 Count Partner Dance, Start:Man facing OLOD,
		Lady facing ILOD Double Hand Hold
		Mans steps listed. Lady opposite footwork throughout
Music: 		Dirt On My Boots - Jon Pardi (start on vocals)
	Side Rock, Recover, Behind Side Cross. (Man Rocks to Right, Lady Rocks to Left)
	Side Rock, Recover, Sailor  Turn
1,2 	Rock Rt to Rt Side, Recover onto Lt,
3&4 	Step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt to Lt Side, Cross Rt over Lt
5,6 	Rock Lt to Lt side, Recover onto Rt,
7&8 	Step Lt behind Rt, make  turn Lt onto Rt, Step Lt Fwd
Hands: 	Count 7 release Mans Lt Ladies Rt hands into inside hand hold
	Toe Heel Stomp x 2. Mambo Fwd, Mambo Back
9&10 	Toe Rt Toe beside Lt, Touch Rt Heel beside Lt, Stomp Fwd on Rt
11&12 	Toe Lt Toe beside Rt, Touch Lt Heel beside Rt, Stomp Fwd on Lt.
13&14 	Rock Rt Fwd, Recover on Lt, Step Rt back.
15&16 	Rock Lt Back, Recover on Rt, Step Fwd Lt
	Shuffle Fwd  Turn Lt x 2. Step Fwd Bump Rock Back Bump Step Fwd Bump x 2
17&18 	Step Fwd Rt  Lt, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Back Rt  Lt,
19&20 	Step Back Lt  Lt, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt Fwd  turn Lt
21&22 	Step Fwd Rt bumping Rt Hip Rt, Rock back Lt bumping Lt Hip Lt, Step Fwd Rt bumping Rt Hip Rt.
23&24 	Step Fwd Lt bumping Lt Hip Lt, Rock Back Rt bumping Rt Hip Rt, Step Fwd Lt bumping Lt Fwd.
Hands: 	During shuffle turns change hands behind backs and finish facing LOD inside hand hold
	Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle  Turn, Step Fwd, Pivot  Turn,  Turn Side Shuffle
25-26 	Rock Rt Fwd, Recover onto Lt,
27&28 	Step back Rt  turn Rt, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Rt  turn Rt
29-30, 	Step Fwd Lt, Pivot  turn Rt onto Rt,
31&32 	Step Lt  turn Rt, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt to Lt side
Hands: 	During shuffle  turn change to new inside hands, On the pivot release hands,
	On  turn shuffle rejoin in double hand hold facing partner in start position.
	Start Again					October 2017