Didn't We Love
Choreographer 	Andrew & Sheila Palmer. May 2016
Description 	32 Count Beginner Partner Dance, Man and Lady steps are the same
		(unless stated). Start in Sweetheart hold facing LOD
Music: 		Didn't We Love - Tamara Walker / CD: Angel Eyes. Intro:32 counts..
 	"Choreographed for the Costa Brava Line Dance Festival (Palafrugell) 2016"

1-8 	Touch Fwd R. Touch Side R. Shuffle R. Touch Fwd L. Touch Side L. Shuffle L.
1-2 	Touch Right toe forward, touch Right to side.
3&4 	Shuffle forward Right.
5-6 	Touch Left toe forward, touch Left to side
7&8 	Shuffle forward Left.

9-16 	Rock Fwd R. Recover. Shuffle Back R. Shuffle Back L. R Coaster Step.
1-2 	Rock forward Right, Recover.
3&4 	Shuffle back Right.
Variation: Both release Left hands (raising Right) and the lady takes a shuffle 1/2 turn Right (RLOD).
5&6 	Shuffle back Left.
Variation: The lady takes a shuffle 1/2 turn Right (to face LOD and return to Sweetheart hold).
7&8 	Right Coaster Step.

17-24 	Side L. Together. L Shuffle. Side R. Together. R Shuffle.
1-2 	Step side Left, step Right beside Left.
3&4 	Shuffle forward Left.
5-6 	Step side Right, step Left beside Right.
7&8 	Shuffle forward Right.

25-32	 Touch L Heel Fwd. Touch Back L. Shuffle L. Walk Fwd R.
	Walk Fwd L. R Kick-Ball-Step.
1-2 	Touch L heel forward, touch back with Left toe.
3&4 	Shuffle forward Left.
5-6 	Walk forward Right, walk forward Left.
7&8 	Right Kick-Ball-Step.
							June 2016