Deep South

Choreographed by 	Barb & Dave Monroe ( 2/17
Description 	32 Count Intermediate Pattern Partner Circle Dance Start: Facing LOD,
		man on inside, lady on outside, holding inside hands weight on outside
		feet, opposite footwork, man’s footwork described except where noted.
Music: 		Deep South - Josh Turner
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Step forward, Tap toe back, Shuffle ½ Turn
1-2 	Walk forward R, L
3&4 	Shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6 	Step forward L, tap R toe behind L (no weight)
7&8 	Turn ½ turn R shuffling R, L, R (facing RLOD)

	Cross rock, Recover, Shuffle side, Walk walk shuffle while turning ½ turn R
1-2 	Cross L over R, recover R
3&4 	Shuffle side L, R, L (man shuffling behind lady picking up lady’s hands in cape position)
5-6 	Man (walking around lady): Walk forward R, L turning ¼ R (facing ILOD)
	Lady (walking slightly backwards): Walk L, R turning ¼ R (facing ILOD)
7&8 	Man (shuffling around lady): Shuffle R, L, R Turning ¼ R(facing LOD)
	Lady (shuffling in place): Shuffle L, R, L turning ¼ R (facing LOD)
	Shuffle forward, Shuffle forward, ¼ turn step, slide, Shuffle side
1&2 	Shuffle forward L, R, L
3&4 	Shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6 	Man: Turn ¼ R stepping L, Slide R to L weight on R (facing OLOD)
	Lady: Turn ¼ L stepping R, Slide L to R weight on L (facing ILOD)
Arms: 	on 5 bring R arms over lady’s head, on 6 switch hands to man’s L & lady’s R,
	man’s R & lady’s L
7&8 	Shuffle side L, R, L

	Cross Rock, Recover, Step ¼ turn, Tap toe back, And, Heel, And, Step ½ pivot turn, Step
1-2 	Man: Cross R over L, Recover L
	Lady: Cross L behind R, Recover R
3-4 	Turn ¼ turn R stepping forward R, Tap L toe behind R (no weight) (facing RLOD)
&5& 	Step on L, Tap R heel forward (no weight), Step R beside L
6-8 	Step L forward making ½ pivot turn R (weight on R), Step forward L (facing LOD)
	Begin Again  					March 2017