Choreographed by Jeff & Thelma Mills01886 821772
Description Partner Dance: 56 Count – Easy Intermediate Start Position:
Right Skaters facing LOD,
Same Footwork Throughout Unless Stated
Music Dangerous Curves - The Notorious Cherry Bombs 106 BPM
CD - The Notorious Cherry Bombs     -     Or Any Slow Cha Cha

	Walk. Walk. Shuffle. x 2.
1-2 	Walk right, left
3&4 	Right shuffle RLR.
5-6 	Walk left, right.
7&8 	Left shuffle LRL.
	Rock Step ¼ Turn. Chasse ¼ Turn. ½ Step Pivot Turn. ¼ Triple Turn
9-10 	Step and rock forward right. Recover back onto left ¼ turn right. OLOD
11&12 	Step right to right, step left next to right, step right ¼ turn right. RLOD
13-14 	Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn right. LOD
15&16 	¼ Triple turn right LRL. OLOD
Note 	On count 13-14: Release left hands. On counts 15 & 16: Finish Indian position but with arms extended
	Rock Step ¼ Turn. ¼ Triple Step. Rock Step ¼ Turn. Shuffle.
17-18 	Step and rock back on right ¼ turn right into RLOD. Recover forward onto left.
19&20 	¼ Triple turn left RLR. OLOD
21-22 	Step and rock back on left ¼ turn left into LOD. Recover forward onto right.
23&24 	Left shuffle LRL.
Note: 	On counts 23&24: Go into Right Side by Side.
	Step Lock. Shuffle. Gent: ½ Step Pivot Turn. ½ Triple Turn. Lady: Rock Step. Triple Step
25-26 	Step forward right. Step and lock left behind right.
27&28 	Right shuffle RLR
29-30 	Gent: Step fwd on left, pivot ½ turn right. RLOD Lady: Rock fwd left. Recover back onto right.
31 & 32 	Gent: ½ Triple turn right LRL. LOD Lady: Triple step in place LRL.
Note: 	On count 29-30: Raise right hands.
	On Count 31&32 finish with right hands in front and left hands behind, both at waist height.
	Rock Step. Shuffle. Full Turn. Shuffle.
33-34 	Step and rock back on right. Recover onto left.
35&36 	Right shuffle RLR
37-38 	Pivot ½ turn right stepping back onto left, pivot ½ turn right stepping forward onto right.
39&40 	Left shuffle LRL.
Note: 	On count 39&40: Return into Right Side by Side.
	Cross Step. ¼ Triple Turn. Sway x 2. Chasse ¼ Turn.
41-42 	Step and cross right over left. Step back on left.
43&44 	¼ Triple turn right RLR. OLOD
45-46 	Step and sway left to left. Step and sway right to right.
47&48 	Step left to left, step right next to left, step left ¼ turn left. LOD
	½ Step Pivot Turn. ½ Triple Turn. Rock Step. Shuffle.
49-50 S	tep forward on right, pivot ½ turn left. RLOD
51&52 	½ Triple turn left RLR. LOD
53-54 	Step and rock back on left. Recover forward onto right.
55&56 	Left shuffle forward LRL. LOD
Note: 	On count 49-50: Release right hands --  On count: 53-54 return into Right Skaters
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Music Available from - Norman & Pat Roots Country Music [44] 051 4880678

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October 2004