Choreographed by 	Lynn & Mike (Texas Rebels)   - 1 December 2009 ~
Description 	64 count Partner Dance Man facing LOD Lady facing RLOD
		Both Partner on same foot starting with right foot same foot work unless stated.
Music:		If you only hurt the one you love (I must love you a lot - Kieren Kane
		That Christmasy Feeling - Johnny Cash ( The Christmas Collection) 
	Right Step Lock / Right Shuffle / Rock Forward & Back Coaster Step,
	Pivot Turn Left Shuffle Forward
1-4	Step forward right lock left behind right Right shuffle forward\
5-8	Rock forward on left back on right Step Left back Right next to Left step forward
9-1	2Right Step forward Pivot turn left Right shuffle forward.

	Lock / Left Shuffle / Rock Forward & Back Coaster Step,
	Pivot Turn Right Shuffle Forward
13-16	Step forward left lock right behind left. Left shuffle forward,
	Rock forward on right back on left Step Right back Left beside Right Step forward
21-24	Left Step forward pivot turn right.  Left shuffle forward. Rock Back
& 	Forward Right Shuffle Forward Walk Left Right Left Shuffle Forward
25-28	Rock back Right forward Left,  Right shuffle forward
	Lady Rock forward right back on left right on right shuffle forward, Come into sweetheart)
29-32	Walk forward Left Right Left shuffle forward,  

	Walk Forward Right Left Right Shuffle Forward
	Pivot Turn On Left Right Left Shuffle Back
33-36	Walk forward Right Left Right shuffle forward,
	Lady Pivot turn right on Right Left Right shuffle forward, (Take hands over mans head lower
37-40	Pivot turn left on Left Right Left shuffle back, in front and keep hold until end of dance)
	Lady Walk back Left Right Left Shuffle Back

	Rock Back & Forward Walk Right Left ,Turn Left Right Cross Shuffle
41-44	Rock back right forward Left Walk forward Right Left,
	Lady Rock back on right forward left Right shuffle forward,
45-48	Step forward Right turn left Right cross shuffle,
	Lady Step forward Left turn right left cross shuffle

	Left Grapevine With Left Touch Right, Right Grapevine With A Touch, 
	Rock Back & Forward Left Side Shuffle Cross Shuffle Step Left Touch Right
49-52	Side left right behind step turn left touch right,
	Lady Side right left behind step turn right touch left,
53-58	Side right left behind side right touch left, Rock back on left forward on right
	Lady Side left right behind side left touch right, Rock back on right forward on left,  
59-64	Left side shuffle Right cross shuffle step left touch right,
	Lady Turn left on Right shuffle, turn Left on Left Shuffle, Stomp right left 
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert February 2010