Choreographed by Doreen Francis(023) 9234 8738 fsdance@freeola.com -- http://www.fsdance.freeola.com/
Description 56 count Partner dance Mirror Image, Start: (Closed SWING position.)
(Hands in Cup & pin hold) This dance is done to Swing Rhythm unless
otherwise stated. eg: Triple Step, Triple Step, Rock Step
Music Too Much to Drink [Not enough Sleep] - The Shakers[128 bpm
Or Any Medium E.C Swing

Man Lady
(1)  Basic swing in closed Facing L.O.D.
1&2 Triple step left right left. (Moving slightly fwd L.O.D)
3&4 Triple step right left right. (In place)
5 6 Rock step left right
(2) Lady ˝ turn right under mans left arm to two hand hold.
1&2 Triple step (In place) ˝ turn right on Triple step, Triple step ends
facing man R.L.O.D.
3&4 Triple step
5 6 Rock step Rock Step
(3) Lady full turn right to hammerlock. Man raises left hand and lowers right. Moving forward
1&2 Triple step
3&4 Triple step
5 6 Rock step (Man forward (Lady back.)
(4) Lady behind man to left open promenade Man releases lady’s left hand.
Triple step Triple step Walk Walk.
1&2 Triple step (Moving slightly to right)
3&4 Triple step
5-6 Step back, Step back (Now holding inside hands)
1 2 Kick left forward replace
3 4 Kick right forward replace
5 6 Swivel heels left back to centre
(6) Repeat (5) above
(7) Moving forward L.O.D. Left open promenade
1&2 Triple step forward
3&4 Triple step forward
5 6 Forward rock step
(8) Change sides Triple step rock step Triple step rock step
1&2 Triple step to left behind lady releasing lady’s right hand
3 4 Take lady’s left hand & rock step.
5&6 Triple step to right behind lady release left hand take right
7 8 Rock step
(9) Lady full turn Right in front of man to closed Swing on mans right, face L.O.D
1&2 Triple step keep hold of lady’s hand. (Moving slightly to left)
3&4 Triple step bring lady to closed swing on right side
5 6 Rock step.