Cut Me Off

Choreographed by Max Perry
Description  64 Count 4 Wall Line Dance Easy!
Music  Cut Me Off by Perfect Stranger

 	Heel Toe Walks Forward, Stomp, Stomp
1,2 	Step Forward Right Heel, Flatten Right foot (toe down),
3,4 	Step Left Heel forward, Left foot flat
5,6 	Step Right heel forward, Flatten Right foot,
7,8 	Stomp Left next to Right, Stomp Right in place
	Heel Twists, Touch Heel Forward, Hook, Touch Heel forward, Together
1-4 	Twist both heels Right, Centre, Right, Centre
5,6 	Touch Right heel forward, Hook Right just below Left knee
7,8 	Touch Right heel forward, Step Right next to Left
1-4 	Twist both heels Left, Centre, Left, Centre
5,6, 	Touch Left heel forward, Hook Left just below right knee
7,8 	Touch Left heel Forward, Touch Left toe back
	2 Charleston Kicks with Claps
1-4	Step Left forward, Kick Right Forward & clap, Step Right back, Touch Left toe back & clap
5-8 	Repeat Charleston Kicks & claps
	Curving Walks forward with Scuffs (1/2 total)
1-8 	Step Left forward, Scuff Right heel Forward, Step Right forward, Scuff Left heel forward, 
	Step Left forward, Scuff Right heel Forward, Step Right forward Scuff Left heel Forward
Note 	While doing the "Step Scuffs" you will curve the walks to the left as you walk- 
	making a total of 1/2 turn to the left over the 8counts – the amount of turn per step will vary depending 
	on the .size your step. This really isn't a "Big Deal" but you would be surprised how many calls I get on this!
	Grapevine Left, Scuff, Grapevine Right, Scuff
1-4 	Step Left to left side, Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to left side, Scuff Right heel forward
5-8 	Step Right to right side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to right side, Scuff Left Heel forward
	Grapevine Left with 1/4 turn Left, Scuff, Jazz Box
1-4 	Step Left to left side, Cross Right behind Left, Turn 1/4 Left and step Left forward, Scuff Right
5-8 	Heel Forward, Cross Right over Left, Step Left back, Step Right to right side, Step Left next to R
	Rock Step, 1/2 Turn Right, Jump, Cross, Turn, Clap
1-4 	Rock Right forward in front of Left foot, Step Left back & turn 1/2 Right, Step Right forward,
	Step Left next to Right (together)
5-8 	Jump with both feet & land with feet apart (5), Jump & land with Right crossed over Left (6),
	Unwind (turn) 1/2 Left (7), Clap Hands (8)
Note: 	This is the famous dance that I originally sent to Hillbilly Rick and accidentally left off 8 counts, 
so ever since then he has called me 'Asshole’ as a nickname because I caused him to leach a dance incorrectly! 
Oh Well, What Can I Say !?
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert August 2002