Crystal Hero
Choreographed by Lorraine Susan Taylor. U.K
Description   32 Count, 4 Wall Line Dance
Music   Crystal Blue - Daniel Ray Edwards Bpm 108
Hero (English) - Enrique lgiesias B.P.M. 130 (not slow version).

1-8 	Point. Turn Right. Hook. Shuffie, Rock. Back Lock.
1-2 	Point Right toe Fwd. Turn 1/2 to Right on ball of Left, Hook Right over Left Leg.
3&4 	Step Right Fwd. Close Left to Right. Step Right Fwd.
5-6 	Step Left Fwd. Rock back onto Right.,
7&8 	Step Left back. Cross Right over Left. Step Left back.
9-16 	1/4 Turn Right. Hip bumps. Drag. Ball Change. Pivot.
1 	Turning 1/4 to Right step Right to Right bumping hips to Right.
2 	Rock weight onto Left, bumping hip to Left.
3-4 	Push Right out to the Right and drag Left towards Right.
&5 	Cross ball of Left behind Right. Replace weight onto Right.
6 	Step Left Fwd turning 1/4 to Left.
7-8 	Step Right Fwd. Pivot 1/2 turn to Left (weight ends on Left).
17-24 	Rock Step, Triple Turn. Rock. Step. Cross. Step. Cross.
1-2 	Step Right Fwd. Rock back onto Left.
3&4 	Triple step RLR turning a full turn to Right. (or triple step on the spot).
5-6 	Step Left Fwd. Rock back onto Right.
7&8 	Cross Left behind Right. Step Right small step to Right. Cross Left over Right.

25-32 	Point Hitch. Step. Cross, Step. Rock Step. 1/4 Turn Shuffle.
1-2 	Point Right toe to Right. Hitch Right knee.
3&4 	Step Right to Right. Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right.
5-6 	Cross Left over Right. Rock back onto Right.
7&8 	Turning 1/4 to Left step Left Fwd. Close Right to Left. Step Left Fwd
	Start Again.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2002