Crystal Blue

Choreographer 	Rob Fowler  April 2019
Description 	Improver, 56 Count, 4 Wall Line Dance
Music 		Fenceposts - Cody Johnson - Count in: 16 Counts

1-8 	R heel, Together, L heel, Together, R lock step Fwd, hold.
1-2 	Touch right heel forward, close beside Left,
3-4 	Touch left heel forward, close beside Right.
5-6 	Step forward Right, lock left Behind Right
7-8 	Step forward Right, hold.

9-16 	Rock L, Recover, step back, kick R, L lock step back, hold.
1-2 	Rock forward on Left, recover weight on Right,
3-4 	Step back Left, Kick Right forward.
5-6 	Step back on Right, lock left across Right,
7-8 	Step back on Right, Hold.

17-24 	L coaster step  Hitch R, Step side Hitch L,  turn Hitch.
1-2 	Step back Left, step Right to Left,
3-4 	Step forward Left,  turn Left Hitch right..
5-6 	Step Right to Right side, Hitch Left,
7-8 	Make  turn Left on Left, Hitch Right.
(Restart  Wall 4 facing 9.00)

25-32	 Step R side, hold, back rock, Step L side, hold, back rock.
1-2	 Long Step Right, hold,
3-4 	Rock back on Left, recover.
5-6 	Long Step Left, hold,
7-8 	Rock back on Right, recover.

33-40 	Grapevine  turn R,  turn Hitch, Grapevine  turn L, Brush.
1-2 	Step Right to Right side, step Left behind Right,
3-4 	Make  turn Right Stepping forward on right,  turn right Hitch Left.
5-6 	Step Left to Left side, step Right Behind Left,
7-8 	Make  turn Left stepping forward on left, brush Right forward.
(Restart- Wall 7 facing 12.00)

41-48 	R Mambo fwd hold, L Coaster step hold.
1-2 	Rock Right forward, recover on Left,
3-4 	Step Right to Left, hold.
5-6 	Step Left back, Step Right to Left,
7-8 	Step fwd Left, hold.

49-56 	Step fwd R, hold, pivot  turn Left, hold, shuffle  turn left, step.
1-2 	Step forward on the Right, hold,
3-4 	Make  turn Left, hold.
5-6 	Making  turn Left, step back on Right, step Left to Right,
7-8	 Step back on the right, step Left beside right.

	Start over: its a 56 Count dance on 2 step timing