Cryin '
DESCRIPTION Four wall line dance
MUSIC Cryin' in the rain - the Dean Brothers
No One Else on Earth - Wynonna

	Stomp - Body Roll & Finger Snap
1 	Stomp left foot forward (bending right knee slightly)
2 	Push hips up & forward (to start body roll)
3 	Bring shoulders up (to finish body roll)
4 	Snap fingers at shoulder hieght
	Side Rock Steps
5 	Rock step to right side on right foot
& 	Rock weight back onto left foot
6 	Close right to left
7 	Rock step to left side on left foot
&   	Rock weight back onto right foot
8	Close left to right
	Forward / Back Rock Steps / Swivel, Pivot & Step
9& 	Rock forward on right. Rock back onto left
10 	Close right to left
& 	Rock back on left. Rock forward onto right
12 	Close left to right
13&14	Swivel Heels - right, left, right
15 	Step forward on left
16 	Pivot 1/2 turn to the right
	Side step / Heel Dig & Hook
17 	Slide left foot to left side (Large step
18&19	Close right to left
20 	Touch right next to left raise hands & snap fingers
21&22 	Tap right heel forward, Hook right heel over left shin
23& 	Tap right heel forward, Step right foot next to left
24 	Step in place with left
	Mexican Hat Dance 1 1/4 Turn right / Taps & turn.
25	Tap right heel f orward
&26 	Switch weight & tap left heel forward
&27 	Switch weight & tap toe forward
28	Weight on left make 1/4 turn right (sweeping right toe round)
29&30 	Tap right heel 3 times
31	Step left toes behind right
32	Pulling left shoulder back make 1/2 turn left (end with weight on right )

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August 2002