Cross Your Mind 

Choreographer 	Judith Kennedy 
Description 	32 count, 4 wall, Beginner / Intermediate, Line Dance 
Music 		Do I Ever Cross You Mind -- Dolly Parton 
  		It Doesn't Matter Any More - Buddy Holly 

	Right Toe, Heel, Coaster Step. Left Toe, Heel, Coaster Step. 
1 	Touch Right Touch Right Toe Beside Left With Heel Turned Out 
2 	Heel Beside Left With Toe Turned Out 
3&4 	Step Right Back, Step Left Beside Right, Step Right Fwd 
5 	Touch Left Toe Beside Right With Heel Turned Out 
6 	Touch Left Heel Beside Right Foot With Toe Turned Out 
7-8 	Step Left Back, Step Right Beside Left, Step Left Fwd                         	
	Side, Behind, Side, Behind, Side. Step Turn, Kick, Ball Stomp. 
9-10 	Step Right To Right, Step Left Beside Right 
11&12 	Step Right To Right, Step Left Foot Behind Right, Foot To Right 
13-14 	Step Fwd On Left, Pivot Half A Turn Right 
15&16 	Kick Left, Step Slightly Back Onto Ball Of Left, Stomp Right 

  	Heel, Heel, With 1/4 Turn Left. Back, Lock, Back. Right Rock Back, Recover, 
 	Close. Left Rock To Side, Recover, Close. 
17-18 	Tap Left Heel In Front, Pivoting 1/4 Turn To Left On Right, Tap Left Heel In Front 
19&20 	Step Back On Left, Right Across Left, Step Back On Left 
21&22 	Rock Back Onto Right, Recover Onto Left, Close Right Close Left 
23&24 	Rock Left Onto Left, Recover Onto Right, Close Left Beside Right 
Option 	You Can Put Both Arms To The Left Like You Are Washing The Windows                    

  	Right & Left Back, lock, back. Coaster. Toe (with Curtsey Or Bow If Desired) 
25&26 	Step Back On Right, Lock Left Across Right, Step Back On Right 
27&28 	Step Back On Left, Lock Right Across Left, Step On Left 
29&30 	Step On Right, Close Left Beside Right, Step Forward On Right 
31-32 	Touch Left Toe Behind Right, Bending Knees Slightly. Straighten Knees & Close Left Beside Right                        

Choreographers Notes 
     For step 31 ladies may bend knees more deeply into a curtsey and Gents may bow
    Slightly, touching rim of hat if wearing one. When using the Dolly Parton song, at the
    end of the 4th wall (i.e. "I just wonder do I cross your mind") miss out step 25-32 and
    start again to fit in with music.                      November 2000