Creole Woman

Choreographer 	Lois Lightfoot 17-2-09.
Description 	48 count, Intermediate, 2 wall line dance, 1 restart, end of sec 3 on the 4th wall.
Music 		Creole Woman - Toby Keith, CD That don’t make me a bad guy. -- Get CD Here
		32 count intro start on vocals (120 BMP).
		(My Thanks to Adam for suggesting the music)
Sec 1 	Walk forward Right, left, Right step pivot ¾ turn, Left rock recover, Rock Back.
1-2 	Step right forward, Step left forward
3-4 	Step right forward, Pivot ¾ turn to left.
5-6 	Rock right diagonally forward, Recover onto left.
7-8 	Rock right behind left, Recover weight onto left.
Sec 2 	Syncopated Vine Right, Left sailors shuffle, Right Sailors ¼ turn right.
1-2 	Step right to side, Cross left behind right.
&3-4 	Step Right to side, Step left over right, Step right to side.
5&6 	Step left behind right, step right to side, Step left to side.
7&8 	Step Right behind left making ¼ turn to right, Step left to side, Step right to side.
Sec 3 	Left step pivot ½ turn, Full turn forward, Left Rock, Left Coaster step.
1-2 	Step left forward, Pivot ½ turn to right.
3-4 	Step left forward making ½ turn right, step right back making ½ turn right.
(Note	 can be replaced with two walks forward)
5-6 	Left rock forward, Recover weight onto right.
7&8 	Step left back, Step right next to left, Step left forward.
(Restart the dance at this point on wall 4 you will be facing 6 o clock when you restart)

Sec 4 	Right pivot ¼ turn, Right cross shuffle, ½ hinge turn right, Left cross rock.
1-2 	Step right forward, Pivot ¼ turn to left.
3&4 	Step right over left, step left to left, step right over left.
5-6 	Make ¼ turn right stepping left back, make ¼ right stepping right to side.
7-8 	Cross rock left over right, Recover weight onto right.
Sec 5 	Syncopated Vine left, Left side, Hold, Rock out recover.
&1-2 	Step left to side, Step right over left , Step left to side.
3&4 	Step right behind left, Step left to side, Step right over left.
5-6 	Step left to left side, Hold for one beat.
&7-8 	Step right next to left, Rock left out to side Recover onto right.
Sec 6 	Cross Left over right, ¾ rolling turn left, step right forward, Left Rock, Coaster step.
1-2 	Cross left over right, make ¼ turn to left stepping right back,
3-4 	Make ½ turn to left stepping left forward, Step forward onto right.
5-6 	Rock forward onto left, recover onto right.
7&8 	Step left back, Step right next to left, Step left forward.
	Start again.
Restart 	on the 4th wall at the end on the 3rd Section facing 6 o clock.