Crazy Train

Choreographed by 	Tjaney K (April 2014)
Description 	32 Count 4 Wall Linedance
Music: 		I’ve Gone Crazy - Eamon McCann (CD: Clear Cut Country) 96 bpm
		Start after 16 counts on vocals
Point Frrd, Point Back, Heel Forward x2, Back, Touch, Vine Left, Scuff, Vine Right ¼Turn R
1-2 	R point forward, point back
3&4 	R step on heel forward, R step on heel beside, R step back
&-5 	L touch beside, L step side
&-6 	R cross behind, L step side
&7 	R scuff, R step side
&8 	L cross behind, R ¼ right, step forward [3]
Lock Step Forward, Chassé Right, Lock Step Back, Coaster Step
1&2 	L step forward, R lock behind, L step forward
3&4 	R step side, L together, R step side
5&6 	L step back, R lock across, L step back
7&8 	R step back, L close, R step forward [3]

Pivot ¼ Turn R, Cross Shuffle, Jazz Box ¼ Turn R
1-2 	L step forward,L+R ¼ turn right
3&4	L cross over, R step side, L cross over
5-6 	R cross over, L step back
7-8 	R ¼ right, step side, L cross over [9]
Point Out In Out, Coaster (x2)
1&2 	R point side, R touch beside, R point side
3&4 	R step back, L close, R step forward
5&6 	L point side, L touch beside, L point side
7&8	 L step back, R close, L step forward
	Start again

Ending: Dance the last wall up to and including count 18 (count 2 of the 4th section)
and end with:
3 	L step forward
4 	L+R ¼ turn right [12]