Crazy Mr. Mom

Choreographed by  Ray & Gail Garvin - 01/05 - 
Description  32 Count, 4 Wall beginner Intermediate Line Dance
Music  Mr Mom Lonestar CD Lets Be Us Again

	Heel Toe Struts, Jazz Box with 1/4 Turn Right
1-2 	Touch Right heel forward, Drop right toe
3-4 	Touch left heel forward, Drop left toe
5-8 	Cross right over left, step back left, 1/4 turn right, step right, Hold
	Stomp Twice, Kick Twice, Slow Coaster Step
1-2 	Stomp left two times
3-4 	Kick left forward two times
5-8 	Step back left, step back right, step forward left, Hold
	Rock 1/4 Turn, Weave, 1/4 Turn, Hold
1-2 	Rock forward on right, back on left
3-4 	1/4 Turn right, Step right, Hold
5-6 	Cross left over right, 1/4 turn left, step back on right
7-8 	Step back on left, Hold
	Rock Step, Step, Hold, Full Turn, Hold
1-4 	Rock back right, Forward left, step forward right, Hold
5-8 	Making Full turn right, step left right, left, Hold
Restart 	This happens when you are on the 5th sequence, (You will be facing the Front wall)
	Do Counts 1-16, then add 4 hip bumps right, left, right, left. Restart dance
	Enjoy & have fun
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert February 2005