Crawfish Pie
Choreographed by 	Norman Gifford & Christopher Gonzalez
Description 	32 Count, Four Wall, Beginner/Improver Level Line dance
Music		Jambalaya - Scooter Lee
	Step, hitch, coaster, step, hitch, coaster
1-2 	Right step forward across left; left hitch up behind
3-4 	Left step back; right together 
5-6 	Left step forward across right; right hitch up behind
7-8 	Right step back; left together
	Forward lock-step, brush, pivot-turn  right, crossover, hold
1-4 	Right step forward; left lock behind; right step forward; brush
5-8 	Left step forward; pivot turn  right; left crossover; hold (3:00) ***
	Rumba box forward, kick
1-4 	Right step side; left together; right step forward; hold
5-8 	Left step side; right together; left step back; kick
	Steps back, kick, back, kick, coaster-stomp, stomp
1-4 	Right step back; left kick; left step back; right kick
5-8 	Right step back; left together; right stomp forward; left stomp forward
	Begin Again
*** ENDING: Replace counts 5-8 with:
	Left step forward; pivot turn  right;
	turn  right stepping left to left; drag right foot together (12:00)
Alternate steps: For first pattern:
	On counts 2 and 6 hitch foot up behind and slap heel with opposite hand.
For second pattern:
	Replace lock-step with shuffle step
For last pattern:
	Replace "Back; kick; back; kick" with "Toe-heel struts" back	January 2020